I received an e-mail regarding a potential job opportunity, which for me is like an attractive female taking an interest in me. It just doesn’t add up. My initial response was simply, “Eh?!”

Why has my portfolio sparked an interest with a creative agency all of a sudden? Especially, when I have used the same portfolio and fired it to over 100 recruitment agencies and employers up and down the country.

And then my “religious” academics? Surely that’s enough to succumb to the heathens within the secular workplace. I value my education, and I don’t see them as a waste – despite otherwise that I hear through my ears from the evil one.

It seems too much out of the blue. Or is it a potential temptation to ignore God’s greater plan for me and walk on the road to a “comfortable” life. The money is tempting. Actually, there is no mention of a salary figure, which is likely to be undercut because of the junior role, but still… in my current pair of shoes, any money is better than nothing.

I still value the experience of others who have shared that I should be careful not to commit to a job, which I may either hate or struggle to get out of. True.

And yet, I have been eyeballing a particular job very closely (not the one mentioned above) – a job that would indeed take me out of my comfort zone in my faith to pursue something different. It’s a job that would make a genuine difference. In short, it’s along the lines of doing 1-to-1 discipleship with men who recently came to faith from addictions and homelessness, etc. After revisiting the advert, I discovered this role has two job openings of the same job, which is deeply encouraging.

And yet, I would seriously give up my inner desires for an IT role to work with people. Surely my recent “religious” academics supersedes my selfish desires to go freelance as a mobile app/game developer.

I am seriously hoping and praying (and I will soon be fasting) that the LORD will provide soon… job-wise. I have past the superficial stages of depression during my unemployment season. Yes, I’m a tad embarrassed that my life is in limbo for my age and diverse skillset (with no solid concentrated area), and I am trying to pray carefully like I *don’t* want to shame God because He isn’t *presently* providing… on the job front. As a result, I am still waiting.

I am still and stubbornly waiting… only just by God’s grace and through the intercessory prayers of friends and family.


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