I consider myself to have a good relationship with my local dentist. Our relationship has blossomed since I was in high school, and that’s going back in time! My only gripe with going to the dentist is that we never really learn much from one another, since I tend to have a check-up that lasts less than 5 minutes, and because I live in Scotland… dental check-ups are free. So technically, I am bad business for my dentist, even though he and the dental nurses get excited that I am seemingly the only one in EK to have “perfect” teeth. [Thanks Mum!]

Last Thursday, I secured a cheeky appointment to see my dentist regarding my annoying mucocele, which surprisingly has nothing to do with one’s teeth, but rather with one’s gum, often near one’s lower lip. Feel free to Google “Mucocele” should you wish to gaze at some awesome bubbles. Just don’t be eating any food, if you are queasy about medical conditions.

I had to see the dentist, as my jaws-like teeth keep clipping my mucocele, which has inflamed the surrounding area and caused my mucocele to expand like a gopher mole.

My friendly dentist checked out my mucocele and within a minute, I was out again. My dentist agreed to refer me to my local hospital to have it scheduled to have the mucocele removed.

Personally, I don’t want surgery.

I don’t want surgery, as I’ve heard and read that it can come back.

I don’t want surgery, as I don’t want to lose any nerve or feelings around my lip.

And more importantly, I don’t want surgery, as I often get butchers whose work resembles to that of Pablo Picasso.

Did I say that I don’t want surgery?

The NHS being the free national health service that we are blessed in the UK for not paying jot for treatment, I am likely to receive a scheduled appointment in 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, I will have secured a job by then.

Now, my challenge and prayer is simple. My prayer is to ask my Heavenly Father to rebuke this nuke in the name of Jesus.

Alum powder and Listerine mouthwash has proved fruitless. Although, I have never felt my teeth feeling fresher with alcohol-based mouthwash… because I’m worth it!

My personal arsenal to help anoint my spot is this rather expensive jar of Manuka Honey from Holland and Barrett. It is my last jar that I bought for sale, because of the Easter sales. Not only do we give thanks to God for sending His one and only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins, but without this symbolic occasion, we would not have a marketing excuse to tag sale prices on stock items.

Anyhow, this jar of Manuka Honey is the real deal. It has a UMF 15+ grade, and this particular brand from Comvita is certified by the Official Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA). Basically, this New Zealand medical-grade honey can help to zap this spot on my mouth. So far, it has only reduced the inflammation. At least the honey will help in other areas, such as strengthening one’s immune system.

So yeah, while I lather my spot with sweet honey, I will be praying earnestly for the LORD to heal this mucocele, so I can avoid surgery.

Only time will tell!

Edit: Friday 10th April – This post was originally written on Friday 3rd April 2015, and already I am seeing a positive transformation with this mucocele. It is overwhelmingly smaller compared with the Jupiter-like spot when I sought medical attention with my local dentist, only last Thursday. The only new thing that may have helped in the healing process has been a trip to the swimming baths. I am not sure whether the chlorine water have soaked through beneath the cells of the mucocele, but apart from that… hopefully the spot will leave my lower lip very soon.

Once again, time will tell.


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