Two weeks ago, I formally signed up to join the local gym. The last time I actually used the gym was actually back in 2009, before I was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix.

Personally, I don’t like the gym because it is full of germs (yes, I’m that guy!), but I want to discipline my current frame of mind to maintain a level of proactive exercise. I want to encourage myself with regular exercise, whilst I continue to wait on God’s leading and further knock on doors of hope and opportunity. The Reebok treadmill in our living room can only do so much that I am strangely finding running very boring. I also wanted to take advantage of a concession gym membership that would allow me to use all the gym and swimming facilities across the whole of South Lanarkshire.

I received my induction two weeks ago on Thursday and I am slowly getting my body and mind in focus to train my body 3-4 times each week. At the back of my mind, I am still preparing for this summer cycle challenge, which I have sadly pulled out, as I am concerned about securing time off – purely because of the probation period of a new job, once I can safeguard a “stable” job… even though there’s no such thing as a stable job these days! Soon enough, I may have to invent a job, simply to “survive” and start over life.

So yeah, I now sweat among other sweaty, smelly like-minded individuals.

My amusing reflection comes about the changing rooms. I am such a single child, as I find it totally uncomfortable to be around other men who like to show everything… like they are brothers of the same family. Me? Well, I do my usual modest, hide everything motto. hehe I even change to a full set of clothes from the same shower cubicle. It is one of my hidden talents. It’s the same stunt that Clark Kent does when he transforms himself into Superman with his red knickers on the outside all within a public telephone booth. *ahem*

I bet you’re thinking… “just wait until you get married Richard!” Strangely, I have considered just that… I can only imagine that when I finally tie the knot in wedding vows with my future wife, and then comes that jaw-dropping moment when we’ll be shy to gaze at one another in full glory, in the nude. Hashtag… #Awkward!

One can only imagine that awkward moment and tumbleweed passing by, with MC Hammer’s music to “Can’t Touch This” playing in the background.

So far, I am keeping to my disciplined routine in going to the gym 3 times each week. Nothing crazy, as I am currently focusing on the cardio machines, which is surprisingly a good workout overall.

Yes, it is a pain to keep fit, but once you leave the gym and arrive home, there is an air of satisfaction, knowing that you took the time and effort to invest in your body. Essentially, our bodies are God’s temple. Yes, we should be obedient to look after ourselves. Yes, I understand that we can sometimes find addictions (of all kinds) to mess with our internal organs, but when you have had a life-changing experience with regards to your health, and/or undergone surgery, you tend to value your health more. I know everyone is different with this respect, but from personal experience, I simply want to honour my body for Christ.

P.S. Oh, and for those who have been reading previously with regards to my oral mucocele. The spot looks to be eradicating. It has taken nearly 3 weeks to reach a smaller appearance, which I have been taking photos every few days to record the size. Hopefully, it will disappear within the next 2-3 weeks, but I am so happy that my lips no longer resemble the lips of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. More importantly, it is an answer to prayer, as I don’t want surgery with regards to removing my mucocele.


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