This faith-driven approach to living for each day as it comes is rather challenging, especially when you’re not exactly sure in *what to expect* or *what to wait for* in what you believe that the LORD will deliver on.

I am not sure if I am waiting on a full-time job, a part-time job, a free-labour-dot-com job, or to be prepared to throw myself at something totally new altogether.

And in the past 24 hours, I have itchy feet to return back to teach English overseas, as I find teaching the most meaningful way of proactively using my time to help others. The reason being is that I have a heart for young people. It would also be nice to earn money again, and feel human in that respect.

Perhaps I am not to expect a job to be given to me.

Perhaps, I am to invent a job instead, which strangely can be more “stable” and rewarding than a job of the norm.

I feel that my present circumstance is pulling me to improvise something, whether it is online-based or in the passion that God has sowed in my heart to actually pursue for His Kingdom through this venture. Those who know me personally will know of my latter predicament. It may well be the gist of the moment (or my wild imagination), as there is no capital, credibility or proven industry experience to pursue such venture. I have however been reminded and inspired that when our minds are pure and focused on the LORD, He *will* orchestrate outcomes and bring along the right people that will align in His perfect plan.

Most believers apply soft faith in the desire that God will answer our prayers. The funny thing is that we become so wrapped up in crying out to God for an answer to our prayers. Yet, we are so slow to respond appropriately with cries of joy and thanksgiving, immediately when we recognise that God has indeed answered to our prayers. How lowly are we?

How do you make the most of your time, while you remain in the waiting room of life, whilst humanly acknowledge that everyone and everything is zooming in and around you?

I am finding it really challenging to remain focused on the road ahead, without my brain constantly analysing possible outcomes, whilst recalculating new paths… and yet, it’s the LORD who knows the best path and outcome for me. I still see this season as an opportunity to be pruned to the bare roots. I already feel naked, and at times ashamed, like I misinterpreted God, but I know it’s a lie when doubt seaps into my mind, and then I feel like having a pity party. But pity parties are a waste of time, and it doesn’t help anyone. #Hashtag #PartyPooper

I really have nothing left. Nothing left to give to God, and nothing left that I have of sustaining value, other than my parents, friends, and the occasional earthly material (i.e. laptop, phone, camera, etc.)

I genuinely cannot wait until this season is over, as I know my faith will be strengthened. At least, I am still running this race, which is always encouraging to recognise these days. It would be nice to be able to share my journey and experience with others. Surely the LORD would want to put me in a situation, where I can testify my journey with others in a wider capacity for His glory, and not simply towards my small network of friends and family.

Above all, I firmly believe that the LORD is protecting me, and it feels like He doesn’t want me to wander too far, much like a parent taking their child to the supermarket.

So yeah, I am not sure *what to expect* or *what to wait for* during this testing season, but I still believe that the LORD will provide. All I can do is trust and obey, for there’s no other way!


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  • Sigh. Such a hard place to be! I learned this last week that as I pray for direction and for God to work things out that I still have to move. So hard. yet, there is much comfort in knowing I can’t screw up His plan. I’ve been meditating on James 3:13-18 And tried to measure my moves and (advice I hear) by it.

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