It is the beginning of May and after a month since my initial panic to see my local dentist to arrange for an oral surgery, which I’m still waiting for a letter to confirm my appointment. I am likely to phone the dentist to cancel my unknown appointment with the NHS.

My oral mucocele is just about gone (just a few more days!). Curiously, I’ve had this thing for over 5-6 months… since the Christmas holidays of 2014.

The cure? Well, that’s the thing!

Alum and Listerine

I haven’t touched the Alum powder and Listerine mouthwash combo for around 2 months now. The whole process made my mouth feel salty and the mucocele turned white, only to return to its normal colour a few hours later. I have read that people swear by this home remedy, but for me, it proved fruitless. I used two types of Listerine, both the Original edition and the Cool Mint Antiseptic edition.

I sourced Alum powder (also known as Fatakdi powder) from a local Indian/Asian outlet based in England who sell other spices online, as Britain doesn’t stock McCormick products and I don’t trust buying from eBay. Please note that the Fatakdi powder is still the same Alum powder, as it tasted of a salty spice, and it made the oral mucocele white when applied onto the affected area.

Listerine Only

The Listerine only mouthwash solution didn’t help me personally. It does however smack the lips with a fresh feeling, thanks to the tangy taste of alcohol-based mouthwash. It will make your lips pout like a goldfish. Again, I used two types of Listerine flavours, both the Original edition and the Cool Mint Antiseptic edition.

Manuka Honey (Medical Grade)

I was late on board to buy certified Manuka Honey (UMF 15+) from Holland and Barrett, which has helped towards the end. I delayed purchasing manuka honey purely because it cost an arm and a leg, but I was fortunate to grab a bargain during the Easter holidays. I believe the manuka honey worked more effectively to penetrate through the tissues and skin, when the oral mucocele was small in size. Though I noticed a slow difference, when the mucocele reached its peak size, which was when I had to see the dentist out of sheer annoyance.

I started out by consuming 1 teaspoonful of manuka honey first thing in the morning each day on an empty stomach. I simply swallowed it in one go. It felt like swallowing a raw oyster.

Before heading to bed each night, I would dab a touch of the golden liquid to a squared piece of kitchen paper towel (fold a strip to 3-4 times to make a square). Once I applied honey to the folded strip of paper towel, I gobbed it in my mouth for an hour over the mucocele.

I would keep it inside my mouth, until I dribbled with golden honey, or when I no longer felt the mucocele lubricated with honey. I did this routine daily each night, whilst playing Titanfall online, as it was fun to literally kill time without applying honey during my sleep.

Overall, I have used only 2 bottles of 250g of Manuka Honey (UMF 15+) from Comvita, purchased from Holland and Barrett in the UK. Be sure to check your local heathstore, before resorting to buying from Amazon, so you can inspect the finer small print. At the end of the day, genuine manuka honey is expensive.

The weird thing is that I’ve been out of manuka honey for the past 2-3 weeks now, and it’s also during this period that I have noticed a dramatic reduction in size of my oral mucocele, which is why I am leaning towards a genuine answer to prayer.

For those wanting to learn how I based my decision to invest in manuka honey was purely based on tedious research online.

Overall, I found a reliable source that helped me to make a worthy investment. I discovered the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA), which is a governing body based in New Zealand that helps to regulate genuine manuka honey products.

The UMFHA also lists affiliated companies who are licensed to use the UMF trademark. You can tell if a company is licensed with the UMFHA by checking the code against the UMFHA website (see link below), hence the need to scout for manuka honey locally (if possible). The rest of the so-called manuka honey products can be assumed as counterfeit.



Lastly, I want to include swimming at the local baths as a possible cure factor. Chlorine in swimming pools is used to kill germs and bacteria. It is guaranteed that all public pools will contain varying levels of chlorine. The dirtier the pool, the higher the chlorine. Cleaner pools tend to use less chlorine and the pool water is clearer in appearance.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the odd sting, when you step inside a public pool, only to realise that you had (unknowingly) cut/grazed yourself earlier that day or the day before. I have used the local pools three times during the past month, and I have witnessed a noticeable change to my oral mucocele. When I swim, I deliberately intake pool water into my mouth, only to spit it out after a brief swirl inside – hoping that the chlorine would kill any germs and bacteria.


To some folk who may find this blog post from Google, as you desperately search for solutions (like I did), I do believe it is a balance of a variety of things.

I have since reduced my intake of chewing gum. Chewing gum produces saliva and an oral mucocle is essentially trapped mucus, thus I am sure medically, it may lead to an oral mucocele. Don’t quote me on that, but I used to chew 3-4 pellets of chewing gum a day. Nowadays, I don’t want to encourage too much saliva in my mouth. And I cannot remember if I accidentally bit into my inner lip, which may have caused the trauma that is the oral mucocele. I honestly can’t remember!

My diet has altered slightly in ways that I’ve been eating more fresh fruit than before. I naturally eat lots of greens and vegetables, as Mumsy makes lots of veggie dishes and lovely homemade soup. The only reason why I may lean towards fresh fruit as a possible cure is because fruit have natural properties of antioxidants and acidic contents that may help to burn (or have healing properties) to help reduce the size of the oral mucocele.

Since I have been investing more time and money by going to the gym lately, I’m more cautious about digesting too many sweets. I love my gummy sweets, and I often chew them like I’m eating baguette sticks. I take the odd biscuit, as you do, and I still love my hot chocolate brew. Perhaps the regular exercise has helped my skin (inside and out) to heal quicker in ways that I’ve no medical explanation or understanding in the field, but I do know it has helped me to sleep better at night.

Lastly, prayer has been a factor behind the scenes. For any curious readers, I am a born-again Christian in the LORD Jesus Christ, and I do believe that God can heal. I was specific to ask God for complete healing in my mouth, as I didn’t want to go through surgery and raise the risk in seeing another oral mucocele rise up from nowhere. I was also concerned that I may lose some nerve endings around my lip, essentially thinking of a worse-case scenario. Overall, I wasn’t too keen to go through yet another operation, which you can freely search and read about in my blog if you wish.

So yeah, for those who are here purely on the basis in finding a solution to eradicate and find out how to remove an oral mucocele… all I can honestly say is take what you will. Try everything! I don’t think there is one perfect solution, as everyone’s body is different. We all have different immune systems. Some folk naturally heal quicker than others, and some folk choose to believe in something of a higher power (outside of recognisable health remedies).

For me, I think it’s fair to say that a variety of things have helped this healing process in different ways. And I write this testimony as someone who hasn’t required surgery, nor have I resorted to puncturing a hole with a needle on my mucocele. I didn’t want to pursue the latter, as I didn’t want to create medical complications, because I don’t have professional medical knowledge of the human body and I simply wanted to play safe.

I honestly hope this helps anyone in some shape or form.


11 comments on “Oral Mucocele Removed Without Surgery (Amen!)

  • Oh dear me, this makes me want to see how dentistry works in your country. We just numb it up with local anesthetic and excise it. No big deal. I had to lance one of my own for a few weeks and drain it bc I kept biting it.

    • I honestly thought my local dentist could offer such service without having to be referred to a hospital to receive the same treatment. I guess it is one of the main annoyances about the current state of the NHS here in the UK. It is governed by suited bureaucrats who only care for ludicrous bonuses each year. The ones who suffer are the patients who need to use a reliable service, and the medical professionals who are understaffed and underpayed. I guess that is why many medical professionals from Britain migrate to the likes of Canada and Australia. I understand why folk desire to pursue high-paid salaries and climb big time, as you can summon immediate medical attention through private medical care.

  • This inspires me. I also have mucocele, i think for 3 weeks now, in my lower right lip. I also dont want any surgery (not that im afraid… Ok im afraid) , im also doing a listerine routine, salt water gargle, and living a healthy lifestyle (best part). Prayer is also a key, I’m also a Christian, that’s why this blog really inspires me. I hope that this thing will just dissolve anytime now. Thanks!

  • This inspires me. I also have mucocele, i think for 3 weeks now, in my lower right lip. I also dont want any surgery (not that im afraid… Ok im afraid) , im also doing a listerine routine, salt water gargle, and living a healthy lifestyle (best part). Prayer is also a key, I’m also a Christian, that’s why this blog really inspires me. I hope that this thing will just dissolve anytime now. Thanks!

    • Hi Alej, Sorry for my delay to respond. It’s encouraging to hear from a fellow brother in Christ. Hope you are winning the battle in seeing a breakthrough with the oral mucocele.

      I am sure the healthy lifestyle plays an underlying part, especially when mucoeles are seemingly found among young people. I guess we are the “lucky” ones! :o)

      • Hi, thanks. Just an update, i had a swim in a water park/spa a month ago, and my mucocele visibly shrank! Maybe others should try this and further confirm this cure 🙂 thanks again! (With continuous usage of listerine)

  • Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much this post encourages me! I’ve been searching and searching online to find any/all posts of people whose mucoceles have spontaneously healed on their own after several months and sadly there are so few. So many articles you read online say the only sure way to be rid of this is by surgery. Especially if the mucocele is more that a couple of months old. My mucocele is now about 4-5 months old. I have tried so many things only to see it “heal” for about a week or so but then erupt again. So disappointing. I also absolutely do not want to go through the surgery for a few reasons: I’m a big baby when it comes to needles and surgery; the cost is out of my price range; there is simply too much risk of re-occurance requiring additional surgeries; and there is too much risk of numbness and nerve damage, etc. My mindset right now is to just let it alone and hope, hope, HOPE, that it heals on its own. I am going to look into the Manuka honey right away. This is one thing I have not tried and I am willing too try just about anything at this point. Thank you SO MUCH for posting such an encouraging positive message. It’s these messages that I cling to desperately! Follow up with any additional information if you’d like…I’d love to hear it!

    • Hi Cee, Thank you for sharing. The only real follow up is mainly I have
      essentially stopped chewing gum on a daily basis. I will sparingly
      source gum if I eat out. The reason being is that I cannot remember how I
      caused the oral mucocele to form, whether I accidentally bit the
      inside of my lower lips when sneezing or eating, or biting out of sheer
      nerves or stress.

      If you are able to afford Manuka Honey (UMF 15+) that should give your oral mucocele a taste of natural healing. It takes time, but persevere. Even take selfies of your mucocele to record your daily/weekly progress. A good sized jar (250g) should last you a good few weeks when used daily.

      Feel free to follow up on your progress. :o)

      • **Heavy sigh*** the manuka honey has so far proved to be a no-go for me. My nasty little bubble keeps appearing with great regularity even though I go to bed every night with a blob of the honey on the mucocele. So frustrating! In about 2 months it will be a full year since it started. I’m still opposed (greatly!) to getting any type of surgery because I cannot afford it and it seems like such a big step for a harmless bubble that keeps forming on my lip. Maybe I’ll eventually change my mind, though. I just wonder: if someone has reached the one year mark, does that pretty much signal that this thing won’t EVER go away on it’s own? I’ve googled this question till I’m blue in the face but for some reason I cannot find any definitive answer as to whether or not these things can last a lifetime. (I mean, really, if I live another 40 years or so, this thing will be with me for 40 years? Wish I knew one way or the other!) Thanks for letting me vent!

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