It’s been a long time coming, but today I have officially signed myself off from the national welfare system. Is there a job in the horizon? Maybe. I am proactively keen to pursue a part-time role based in Glasgow. I don’t care if it’s picking litter or cleaning toilets (and yes, I have before applied for the latter… several times), but the potential openings relate to ICT, so there may be hope in securing something informal.

Ultimately, I’m fed up and I’m close to triggering a 2-year mandatory system that I refuse to agree to. However, my encapsulated and well-controlled inner frustration is something that I will not show to others, because I’m not exactly going through a life-threatening situation. Neither am I going through a pre-midlife crisis. It’s nothing relating to pride or masking myself into dramatic roles similar to that of Chinese Opera. And strangely, I have great peace about throwing myself in deep waters as I walk in faith in the LORD. And yes, it doesn’t stop me from banging on doors hoping for a whimper of a reply.

While I expect the LORD to “recalculate” my path with regards to imminent forms of paid employment, in the meantime, I will be improvising a freelance opportunity. I have formally motioned a business plan and produced a financial forecast of a realistic opportunity. All has been approved, hence I am now signed off.

Unfortunately for me, the market is oversaturated to fully pursue this particular freelance properly. As a result, it is what I shall refer this freelance opportunity as a “fake business” and nothing more. However, there is a reason behind my madness, as I will be experimenting various aspects of this side business, as it will form as a key component with regards to the bigger picture (a.k.a. the Kingdom-focused vision). Coincidentally, we will be enrolled to fibre broadband within the next 7 days, so I can finally take delight in faster upload speeds, which is a necessity when actively fulfilling web-related projects.

Lately, I have been experimenting in new technologies. I was chuffed to install a minimalist web server (Arch Linux) on my Raspberry Pi 2, after gaining access to a Linux-based operating system. I upgraded my Windows 7 gaming rig and installed the latest Windows 10, which works wonderfully well. I have also been previewing the latest Microsoft Office 2016 for both the Mac and PC. And with Dad’s permission, I am allowed to own the spare room PC, which I now have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS running as the main Linux operating system. It’s also fun learning syntax commands, which offers the flexibility to install specialised updates and technical stuff like that.

On top of my signing off, I have moved on from volunteering with the Christian community centre at our local shopping mall. I am letting go and moving on for two reasons. At the same time, it was encouraging to be affirmed in this call to move on by the two co-founders of the Christian charity.

Firstly, I feel the need to focus the bulk of my acquired time to pursue this Kingdom-focused vision and further develop the business plan to achieve a maximum potential in securing investment. Penultimately, this vision needs more than a silly grant, but a substantial investor (i.e. a God-called “angel” investor) – otherwise, it’s a no show. Hence the importance to solidify a founding team, but only if people are *called* to this project, and not out of reluctance, boredom or selfish gain.

Secondly, I am limited to what I can learn as a volunteer, and I am keen to secure further experience in other opportunities across various sectors (God-willing) and ideally paid work. I would like to acquire some accreditation with the money earned. Yes, more paper certificates, but these would seriously strengthen the business plan, and they would provide a sense of superficial credibility (for business purposes only). I am also keen to acquire serious market research reports, but I need to obviously rob a bank first!

Faith! All I can say is… be careful what you pray for! I think my underlying prayer has been answered, to grow in my faith…


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