At the time of writing, I will be working my last week of work before I stop for a 2-week sabbatical (a.k.a. annual leave).

I’m not going anywhere fancy like Hong Kong, or visit the district of galleries in Washington DC. Nor will I be travelling to London for a 5-day coaching trip to see Britain’s capital.

I had originally wanted to use this break to pursue some personal study for my work in the hope to better leverage my internship to secure a permanent status when my 1-yr contracts ends this year. At the end of the day, it’s beyond my control and power. So I shall leave it with the LORD.

As this will be my first block of me-time through annual leave, I want to seek godly wisdom and hammer my time and energy with this lingering Kingdom focus vision. With that in mind, I hope to prepare and plan out my 2-week break, so I can better use my time wisely. I am thankful I have taken the past month or two to pass over my worldly distractions, be it in physical form or memories to the LORD. I can now measure my time that I have each day.

I also want to factor a reflective moment regarding our vote on the EU Referendum. I have a mixed standing, but I favour a leave, so we can break away from EU legislation, secure our own border control and potentially return to trade with other countries, including those from the Commonwealth. I appreciate there are financial and economical implications on both sides of the coin, but I want my vote to count. I think it will be another close result, and I’m guessing we will remain in the end. I mean, who likes change anyway?

As I’ve mentioned previously, the EU also has a ridiculous funding pot (more so, in the form of business loans) for select types of business structures, something which I’ve been wrestling about for many months. I’m also aware that God’s funding pot is deeper than the world’s riches put together. If this is where God wants me to be, He will provide. It really is as simple as that. The challenging part is waiting on God’s timing, and discerning His Spirit and provision unfold.

I recognise I’m repeating my own words of reflection, but for me, I want to journey in the LORD with care, as opposed to focusing on a worldly end goal and assume (or make belief) it’s from God. It’s nice to have ambitions, hopes and dreams, but often we need a regular check-up to attend to our heart and motivation, and examine whether such matters align with the will of God.

As a result, I humbly ask for intercessory prayer.

My utmost desire is to seek the LORD in this 2-week window and I simply pray for confirmation and provision, as to whether I should bother taking this Kingdom focus vision seriously, or whether I should work for Disney in the Imagineering department (latter is a comparative statement, not an actual opportunity).

Worse-case scenario is that I’ve manufactured this Kingdom focus vision and ultimately waved away dozens of opportunities that may have been answers to prayer in other areas of my life (i.e. job / career, relationships, etc).

I have tabbed sufficient research, primary sources and access to industry insight to declare a need for this enterprise, and it’s a curious thing to see an overcrowdedness in the mundane approach with the same industry.  My study desk is littered with business-related material. I really must act on this opportunity, otherwise I need to get a life!

I am considering a pop-up prototype to see if the concept can garner a proof of concept, even though it will come across as a publicity stunt. I need to tread very carefully, hence it would be beneficial to be surrounded by like-minded believers. At the end of the day, this isn’t a career advancement, but a form of Christian ministry using contemporary means outside the doors of a local church, where we are called to witness the name and teachings of the LORD Jesus Christ.

However, I still lack the game-changer partnership in the form of a business partner, so I know I will be looked upon as this wannabe entrepreneur with no experience and not a sausage to throw into the funding pot, just a tattered experience in pastoral ministry, computers, customer servicing, old-school web development, corporate graphic design, photography and marketing. I am sure when the ball starts rolling, then it will attract a degree of interest. Who knows.

Fortunately, I am doing an internship role, where I am learning much about business solutions with regards to IT on a ridiculously low budget, and I am slowly finding renewed confidence in public speaking through training others in IT and providing IT support.

Only time will tell.


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