My Google Nexus 5 phone that I sourced from eBay earlier this year has been playing up lately. Upon learning that my battery could be out of juice due to the sudden shutdowns on my phone, I sought to find a replacement battery.

Fortunately, because it’s an old style Android phone, the components are user-replaceable. The problem is… I couldn’t quite remember where I placed the spare battery that I was certain I kept… somewhere!

Of course, me being me, I searched high and low around my bedroom. So much so that I ended up gutting out my bedroom from the sheer clutter of books and magazines that litter my study desk, bookcases and cupboards.

Two weeks later and I have tossed out stuff that has filled 2 wheelie bins with old magazine CD’s (and bulky casing), old magazines subscriptions, and lots of cardboard boxes. I have offloaded my old programming books from my first degree course to charity, even though programming standards have changed quite a bit. I also salvaged 2 large boxes worth of PC games. There are over 200 titles between Dad and I. We’ve mostly gone digital. I have also thrown out years of devotional booklets from Our Daily Bread and the likes.  It’s hard to let go, especially unearthing sentimental value of bits and bobs that sadly need to go… but I’m learning to be hard on myself by being more disciplined.

I have also thrown out old sets of motherboards and duff technology that have been gathering dust in my room too. The amount of floppy disks that I have stashed in my drawers is beyond amazing. Our computers are too advanced to even consider building a retro PC. And besides, that’s why Microsoft implemented ‘Compatibility Mode’ within Windows. If you really want to go old-school, there is always DOSBox for the classic floppy disk applications.

Mind you, I have yet to see this spare phone battery, but it’s very liberating to clear one’s history – not in a shameful way, but in a literal sense in wanting to move forward. This is perhaps the last biggest clear-out that I have been procrastinating for years. Did you know that I treasured magazine CD’s from 2000 and stuff from the 1980’s?

It’s refreshing to organise my current magazines using a slim bookcase, whilst retaining my theology, art and photography books in my former walk-in cupboard. At least it prevents the dust from my cave to ever reaching them.

*Update: I still haven’t found the spare phone battery that I am certain I kept. I may have tossed it, as I recall the battery to be older than my current battery (when you go by the manufacturer’s date).

Nonetheless, I did source an authorised seller of new LG components in Portugal that supplies the same make and model for my phone battery, which I ordered a few days ago. I decided to pay the extra money for a next day delivery using a private courier, as I wanted to determine whether I need to fork out money now for a shiny new smartphone, or whether I can use the Google Nexus for a wee while longer. I actually prefer the latter because I’m not a compulsive mobile phone user.

Fortunately, the new battery from Portugal has been a life saver. Manufactured on the last day of January 2016, the battery is detected to have a better capacity, which means life carries on as normal, and I can withhold from buying a new smartphone. Good thing for user-replaceable goods! My phone can now survive for up to 3 days (e.g. 72 hours) before it needs to be charged again – not bad for a smartphone!

Of course, this reflection isn’t entirely about a phone battery. For me, it’s about the subtle window of opportunity, where God encourages you to clean up your act. Gutting out my bedroom is the last thing on my mind, especially when I was preparing to watch my video training series on desktop virtualisation, as I want to use my new mini computer (Intel Skull Canyon) to build a Windows server for this Kingdom-focus vision.

Lately, I have been struggling to focus with life – if that doesn’t sound too dramatic or concerning. My bedroom became a habitat for procrastination, which isn’t very healthy, especially when I genuinely want to focus on the LORD and be in a position to learn of the bigger picture.

As of today, I have redeemed my bedroom completely. The room is decluttered of physical and spiritual garbage and it looks like a better environment to be productive, creative and proactive – whatever I now choose to focus.

I have redeemed my study desk which now hosts my PC, laptop, Bibles and actual space to study. I even have a fresh space at a clean corner for a wee art workshop, as I desire to return to the art scene through traditional mediums.

I genuinely pray that the LORD will now sanctify my room to be a place of study and personal growth, where I can meditate peacefully in Him without the earthly distractions, and that I can motivate myself to pursue what I now need to achieve in the coming months.

P.S. I actually found the spare phone battery. Due to the damage, it will be safely disposed at out local recycling centre. The lost is indeed found. As for me, I have now found the space and freedom to regain this much needed focus with life.


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  • I too have been clearing before we sell the house. 12 bags of stuff to a charity shop, and and bin-loads of rubbish. Somehow, I when the dross is cleared away, and the useful stuff is easier to find.

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