2017 is already another day in the office as it were. Everyday for me is an opportunity to learn, grow and mature. From the moment I wake up each day and realise that I’m given another day to live and breathe, I strive to live that day for the LORD and give Him the glory in all that I say, think and do.

To defeat my inner demons of procrastination, I have ordered and received spiffy samples of business stuff including business cards, a swatch kit for photobook coverings, and varying-sized paper samples from two specialised commercial printers. I even ordered an A1 print of a customised map of Glasgow, which I want to pin on my empty A1 noticeboard (I only have an Our Daily Bread calendar on my four walls). I have a pack of coloured ball-headed map pins that I’ll be using to strategically place on Glasgow for a relevant purpose.

Essentially, I want to excite myself with this Kingdom-focus vision and achieve the founding logistics this year – ideally within the first quarter. And I feel somewhat burden-free to think ahead, now that the physical and spiritual clutter have been gutted out in recent weeks. I’m also slowly recovering in my dust allergies.

I hope to start sourcing sample ingredients from suppliers from local and overseas. I wish to understand the origins and differences of such ingredients using the sensory elements.

I’m thrilled to have gathered direct access to trade magazines and legacy high-street pricing over the past 12 months, and I may choose to purchase a formal market research report to appease serious readers of this business plan – so it doesn’t look like I’m pulling a rabbit out of a hat. However, this Kingdom-focus vision isn’t gung-ho with regards to the selling of actual goods (everyone is doing it), but rather, the focus will be on the USP (unique selling point) in what can be delivered better and hopefully… ethically! I say the latter with a subtle hesitation because I am indeed human. I would *like* to think this vision will be putting others first and keeping self away from personal gain. Oh, the real human struggle – no matter what sector we find ourselves.

For someone who enjoys improvisational comedy – this will be my ‘improvisational comedy’ routine. And as I have nothing to lose in life – and no current strings or baggage, I’m willing to take the plunge and step out in faith, because nobody is going to do it for me anyway! Much like we should be investing in God’s Word. We can bury our faith and live in fear outside of God’s Word, but it is folly that leads to destruction. I genuinely want to be a faithful servant of Christ and be willing to step out of the comfortable living that most Christians are content with.

I will also be using this year of opportunity to experiment in the web and graphics scene. Firstly, I need to revamp my personal blog to utilise HTTPS, due to Google’s new page rank algorithm, as HTTP is no longer secure. I have been way behind in my practical approach to web development since 2004 when I first studied web development in Dundee.

I also found another source to spur my creativity and thinking. After clearing out my bedroom, I have salvaged my 4 cameras: a Polaroid One600, an Olympus Trip 35mm, a Panasonic Lumix LX5, and my beastly Canon 350D SLR (Rebel XT).

I want to experiment with the film processes of the traditional mediums, but return to capturing photos again. I will need to source a photo development shop that can develop 35mm film. I suspect it will cost a few bob more compared to digital prints – but hey, I grew up using traditional film. I am also saving up for a 4K camera. So far, I am eyeing the Panasonic Lumix GH5 (due to the portability and tech specs of the 4K video features) and the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for both the stills and 4K video. My Canon 350D is limited to the resolution that I can capture and I’ve always wanted to shoot video on the go.

I will consider enrolling myself to a 1-2 day business course related to the Kingdom-focus vision that I shared earlier last year. London is the best place to learn from proven models. I want to step out more in faith, and yet, I am also cautious in guarding the money that I earn from now until the end of March, which is when my extension contract is due to expire. There are of course talks of the senior management team wanting to keep me on, as we will be hotly on-demand due to pending projects as we roll-out new technologies to the whole of the organisation for the next 3 years, which is great news – but where does the Kingdom-focus vision fit within this schedule? It doesn’t, until I step out of that comfort zone. In addition, I am still learning new things about thin clients and server management which is an underlying passion for me – plus the skills and experience are transferable for this Kingdom-focus vision.

As I keep reflecting on the words… time will tell. At the end of the day, I want to take one day at a time, and make the best of each day like it is my last day here on earth. It’s not a mindset to be concerned of, but a desire in wanting to live a life that pleases the LORD.


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