Well, that was an expensive flexi day from work last Monday. I should really focus on being a workaholic these days, as I seem to spend money mostly when I’m on annual leave.

Have you ever had one of those weird moments, where you suddenly check upon something that hasn’t been on your immediate mind only to find out that it was indeed your spurring purpose.

I unknowingly checked upon a domain name that I narrowly missed out last year, only to find out that it was randomly available to buy at a surprisingly affordable price (low-end 3-figures). You have no idea how many years I have been eyeing this significant domain name.

Let me bring in some context.

6 years ago when the domain was originally purchased in mid-2011, I had narrowly missed out on the opportunity to buy this domain name for less than £10 bucks. I missed out on the domain by a week or two. Since then, I have chosen to acquire other domain extensions of the same elk and I’ve sought to acquire *brand* handles among popular social media sites.

Fast forward to Wednesday 21st September 2016, when strangely enough, I felt inspired to Google the status of the domain name in the early morning whilst sipping tea at Starbucks.

Seemingly the domain owner whom I came to read about gave up his business and the domain was pending expiry. After learning about his domain registrar, I backordered the domain, hoping I could capture the domain for less than £50, which is a bargain compared to the typical 4-figure evaluations of some catchy dot com domain names on the market.

If the backorder swinged in my favour, then this Kingdom-focus vision is definitely of God’s will, because I am on a ridiculous budget, but it will prove that things are moving in a forward direction. I need to continue to collate evidence of me gaining control of skills and assets, and essentially guide a ship without any finance or a physical compass (other than listening out for God’s still voice).

Curiously, the owner of this domain is an American academic professor who decided to pursue something radical. You could say it was outside his traditional expertise. The venture didn’t seem to last, hence the domain was pending deletion (and technically up for grabs), which is why I was frantically trying to secure the exclusive rights.

Afterwards, I only have one crucial domain to acquire, but I know I will need serious money to exchange hands to secure a deal – something I don’t have at present. I have a hunch I may need to cough up in the region of £5k-£10k for the crucial domain, but I reckon it depends how I initiate that first e-mail (or whether I choose to visit the bloke in-person in America).

Fast forward (yet again) to Saturday 29th October 2016.

In the days running up to the domain’s known expiry, I was using the Verisign Whois registry to refresh the status and account details of the current domain owner. I even checked it over the weekend only to learn on Saturday afternoon that it was snapped up suddenly by a Hong Kong domain hoarder at a domain auction. I was gutted.

I didn’t know the domain went to an unknown auction site. I was surprised the Whois database at Verisign didn’t even disclose those fine details, which could have allowed me to at least participate at the domain auction.

That is the context of the great domain hunt.

From a business perspective, I understand and appreciate that there are companies like Apple and Microsoft, where they used to sell computers and software respectively, but even times have changed for them. These days, it is Microsoft who is innovating with bold hardware design, whilst Apple are being pulled off the carpet underneath of its founding customer base.

However, I am learning that you don’t need a product-selling brand name. You just need a brand and a back story, because we live in a narrative form where everyone tells a story. If the selling product isn’t part of people’s narrative, you are missing out as a business.

I know the nature of business is gruelling. The absolutely stupid thing is that I’m not wanting to pursue this venture for myself – hence my awkward challenge to acquire a convincing team. If I start flashing money about, I may get a response, but I’m looking to Godly character and a willing heart (hence I refer this as a Kingdom-focus vision). I don’t care for material wealth or a status recognition with Fortune Magazine. And I still cannot shake this vision off like dandruff.

By the time the reflection goes live, I will have acquired the domain, which will allow me to start the next phase – branding and teams.

I am enjoying this A1 poster of Glasgow. I have already highlighted a particular route and I’ve flagged certain locations in the inner City. Again, this is all related to this Kingdom-focus vision. It’s a bit of a tease, as I won’t say why in the public realm, but overall, I am happy that things are further forward.


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