Why are we as believers so blinking incompetent to practice our faith?

Should a brother or sister in Christ need prayer support or a genuine heartfelt request for help, why are we impulsive to raise a prayer emoji, or nod in sympathy. When will we go out of our way to make physical time with that person to pray for them there and then?

In recent years, I am learning to attempt the latter and I find it liberating to be a responder in my faith than a Christian back bencher. However, I wish I can be more responsive, but sometimes I get in the way of serving others through Christ.

The same applies in our culture and society. It’s easy to moan about governments and leaders, and the daily drama of what we think is more important with regards to social welfare.

There are certain movements that represent media-driven demographics and causes that come across as liberal according to Scripture, yet they appear in our mainstream media constantly because of their audible voices. It is somewhat encouraging in one sense (because someone is advocating for a particular group), yet cumbersome because I sometimes wonder why we never champion our faith with radical flashmobs or eloquent words. Instead, some of us would rather find favour in eloquent words of a ‘biblical preacher’ who spend more time to craft a divine saying in 140 characters in Twitter than respond in faith through action. Some of us are not called to compete with C.S. Lewis. We live in different times where we need to witness our faith by doing more in our action, otherwise how can God be glorified?

The more I think through the logistics in wanting to faithfully respond to this Kingdom-focus vision that I cannot shake off, I feel provoked to step out in championing a movement for the worthlessness of those living in fringes of our society. I do know however, that life is setup and there will always be a cultural gap between the rich and poor – yet the latter are more accepting to the Good News. It’s easy to share a post in Facebook or Twitter and convince ourselves that we are doing a good thing for the glory of God, but the LORD calls us to minister and witness to the nations of this world (which I assume means in-person), not from our social media armchairs and personified avatars.

Disclaimer: I am not targeting anyone in my personal circle of friends or acquaintances, but merely sharing what I feel compelled to pour out.

I sometimes wonder if weirdness is an outcome of God’s answer to prayer.

The same day I send three separate emails to three organisations throughout the working day, as I formalise plans in motion through action, I receive news that my work will soon offer me a perm contract. It’s a red herring that I will likely sign and accept.

I know deep down there is no such thing as permanent – the same permanent job status that I was cornered to surrender in another life. Salary will remain static, so I essentially earn £100 more than a support worker in the care sector. I can empathise of the genuine desire to earn a better living.

My mother has recently freaked out that I am serious in wanting to pursue this business venture. It’s nothing new. She freaked out when I felt compelled to teach in South Korea, whilst the North were firing test missiles left, right and centre. It didn’t hamper my faith, nor did it stop God’s provision and blessings. Mumsey also freaked out when I wanted to apply for jobs outside of my comfort zone like London. I should be thankful to have a mother that worries, because she loves me.

My impulsive concern regarding this Kingdom-focus vision is the need to take out a surprisingly small bank loan. The interest rate is super low at around 3.9% which is better than the rates at a Credit Union at 4.9% (something which I haven’t joined as yet). My personal savings has sadly been invested into the wallets of seminary tutors. What a way to advance the Good News – by feeding the converted. It is neither my intention to come across as being cynical, but the truthful statement struck a chord.

My only underlying concern in advancing forward with this venture is securing a physical space to act as a workshop to improvise and mod and to secure it locally. Ultimately, you lose the asset, then no more business. Boom! Prob-le-mo! As a result, I cannot do this as a kiddie-style freelance, but form a Limited Company to protect the Company’s ass(ets).

I feel like I have reached an interesting predicament in taking a financial risk, which is not the first time for me, but at least I come with good intentions – because I still firmly believe this is of God’s Kingdom-focus vision and not my wild imagination.

My flesh tells me to settle down and be like the rest of them. However, my Spirit tells me to pursue this and minister to others and witness on a wider scale, especially when the LORD personally revealed to me that He wants to bless me with great abundance, more than what I initially prayed for on Sunday 8th April 2012.

However, when one is preparing to venture into the business world, how does one find confirmation in Scripture to determine and discern the timing to respond in faith and action? I sadly don’t read the Bible like the horoscopes. I read the Bible to allow God to rebuke my old sinful ways and prune my character, so that I can be renewed in my Spirit to be a faithful disciple of Christ and bear good fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Above all, I need to be a more proactive responder as a born-again believer in Christ. I just pray that I’m not the only one who senses the urgent need to witness on a wider scale.


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