Time is incredibly precious, and yet, we live our daily lives like there’s no tomorrow.

For most folk, every day is a willy-nilly experience. It’s weird how we desire to cruise home and commute speedily just to shave off several minutes from our journey, or we will pay extra for a nicer home to live closer to our work. By the time we settle back at the home and catch up with friends and family and grab a meal, we lounge around consuming ourselves in worldly entertainment as we time ourselves before counting sheep.

I am frustrated in the honest nature in drawing closer to God, which I know is indispensable as a born-again believer. Of course, it should be my divine appointment to spend a good hour in personal devotion to the LORD in prayer and reading His Word on a daily basis. However, I cannot overcome the sad fact that should I invest in that hourly investment in His presence, then it does not equate to financial value to levelling up my skillset for a job that pays the bills or feeds the mouths of a family. Instead, it invests the mindset and prepares my cold heart to remind myself to daily surrender my live to not belong to this world, in preparation of the world to come – Heaven.

I decided to consume 13 hours in playing 2 video games over the course of 2 days. 7 hours in Stardew Valley and 6 hours in Startup Company. Both are unique and fun games. Both are family friendly. Both games however, deploy a unique gamification model of gambling time. This improvised model that I dub ‘gambling time’ is the technique to draw you to one more click. It’s a very addictive concept, much like how ALL social media platforms and Google are brilliant services to drain the hours of our daily lives.

I have since uninstalled both games as I have fed my inner curiosity of both highly acclaimed titles.

There goes another cat lost its life.

I was reminded by Jason Calacanis, a renowned angel investor of mostly Silicon Valley start-ups. He always advises his audience of readers, listeners and future entrepreneurs and investors not to waste time watching TV. If I recall correctly, Jason is a Greek descendant who was raised in Brooklyn by a poor, but hard-working family. I think it is fair to summarise his inner drive isn’t to get rich, but to use one’s time to make a difference in humanity. For the record, the guy is financially loaded, but he ain’t a lazy git and he doesn’t climb over people to get rich. He essentially invests in people with his hard-earned dosh.

And, for the record, I don’t watch TV. But sadly, there are other time-consuming forms of worldly entertainment. And while we lounge around clicking or tapping on our electronic devices, the world will consume itself in sin and lost time. Due to my understanding of humanity through Scripture, I do not rest my faith on humanity. I know the final destination and it doesn’t look rosy without Christ as your LORD and Saviour.

I do however have a passion to help others, mostly towards those who desire to return back to their feet – the genuine broken-hearted, not the disguised professional kind. I don’t fully know why I feel compassionate towards others. However, I know poor people are more likely to receive the Gospel better than the wealthy. I would like to think that this Kingdom-focus vision can impart the prideful hearts of the wealthy to practice empathy in the humbling service that this venture will provide. It’s the servanthood of Jesus that captures my internal strings. Jesus didn’t come here to be served, but to serve.

*mind blown*

Because we are all guilty of wasting time, I wonder if it explains why there is a lack of Christian entrepreneurs, as they too are consumed by the works of the devil as it were. I often fear of engaging in small chat at Church before the service commences. I honestly don’t care about Britain’s Got Talent, or The Great British Bake Off – and yet, it’s a perfect conversation to disguise ourselves behind the plastic faces that we wear at Church.

It is no wonder the Church struggles to disciple believers, because the lead pastor or preacher is often caught up in the hype of the world – and sadly God’s voice is masked behind whimsical liturgy and man’s opinion, instead of proclaiming God’s authoritative Word to give His people direction and hope. Instead, we return to the world with confusion of a diluted message of God’s Word, thus hampering our growth and walk in the LORD.

Either that, or I am completely wrong.

And I will be deliberate to say certain ministries count for lost time, especially when you invest your time on overtly needy people who will cling on to your energy and good-natured character, that you find yourself exhausted like a sloth-like creature.

The one ministry that I personally value is attending to the elderly saints at their homes, and often at hospital in their latter stage of life. I still recall befriending two brothers in Christ who I came to know in their late stage in life, only to pray for them and hold hands in their final days.

Unfortunately, it hit me harder, as I was befriending these men of God during my enduring season of unemployment. Both brothers in Christ passed away during the summer months before the sudden death of Robin Williams, which also hit close to home. Not just because I grew up watching a generous man perform comedy, but depression and suicide are two issues that probes my heart and Spirit.

So yeah, there is a reason why I have been on sabbatical from playing video games since Christmas 2016, because it is clearly time-consuming – more so than TV and movies. Yesterday and today is a stark reality of my underlying purpose here on earth. I’m not called to be consumer, but a disciple of Christ. And it’s going to be incredibly challenging to find brothers and sisters in Christ to partner with to develop a ministry that is centred on a Kingdom-focus vision.

I am also afraid to allow myself to develop and engage in a friendship with a Christian girl, as I feel she will draw me back to worldly poisons that will consume my relationship with others (and self), and our time together in marriage in the LORD.

Put it this way, I know when a pure heart is sapped by their worldly spouse. I was fortunate to know of one such pure heart over the blogosphere across the pond and then on Twitter. She was cultured and has a passion for the LORD (minus any formal understanding of the Holy Spirit), but I found it ironic that she was consumed by the husband’s film choice of watching The Matrix. I can bet a pure heart is oblivious to such worldly movies. They tend to grow up with the Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons. But hey, she wanted to settle down. Now you’ve got to compromise yourself if you want your marriage to work and last.

With that Segway in mind, I wish to draw to a close with a view to growing deeper in my walk in the LORD – in practice to living out my faith and trust in Him.

Perhaps on a formal business plan, let’s just summarise the business vision as ‘celebrating humanity and redeeming the livelihood of those living in the fringes of society.’ In my heart, I know this Kingdom-focus vision will be an outward-facing venture to ‘rescue and disciple the lost in Christian humility and witness in God’s Word and grace.’

With this in mind, I’m going to start writing up a grant application to a major social enterprise charity and use a dummy company name. If I genuinely seek to disrupt a certain industry and sector, I will likely be ad-libbing a routine like an improvised comedian who is able to lead people to having the last laugh.

Except for me, I want to be trusted with a rod and staff to disciple a team of rejects for the glory of God and for His Kingdom come.


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