It’s a weird feeling to be growing up.

I may not be shouldering heavyweight responsibilities as others are, but I signed up for some grown-up benefits including a generous pension and then some.

I seriously got to be careful in who I marry now for various reasons. She may be looking at the bulge of my wallet, but I now represent a certain value that is now attached to my literal head. It reminds me why I desire a business partner of select characteristics. Experience is the obvious currency of choice in today’s society, but I am one who values the character of a person. Nor can I explain why I am attracted to a person’s character.

It took me a good long week to return my newly signed contract as I was eyeing the legal jargon. I was more concerned on a key component that surrounded the IP rights. In layman’s terms, I’m still free to pursue my own projects, as long as they are not related to said Company. It brings great comfort and joy for obvious reasons, plus I am still very keen to explore my side projects. I don’t care about creating a ‘personal brand’ – I am NOT that guy! I just want to exercise my creative flair and use digital mediums as a form of creative expression and have some fun along the way. Maybe, I’m turning into a stereotypical millennial.

Besides, you and I know the real value of this Kingdom focus vision. At least I can further save a substantial amount towards the undefined pot. Plus my new line of work should substantially elevate my awareness of corporate infrastructures and ethics on paper and in practice. Curiously, it is the character and personality that seemingly impressed my party regarding my important discussion from late October. I am just humbled that they even chose to consider me.

From what I have gathered, I have enhanced security checks than your local Father Ted. I know I am clean, but it’s the legal process to prove a person is fit for the undisclosed specialised role. It’s not quite SC, which I believe is worth more in this field of work – and for some strange reason, I would like the opportunity to have SC. Only time will tell if I get sponsored to go through SC.

I find my progressive journey and technical calling ironic to my heart’s passion. Of all places who value character, ethic and moral standards, it ain’t the church but my new employer. And because of this, I grow more mixed in my emotions towards the local church. Thank goodness, it is God’s Church that remains true to Scripture and not man’s making of church.

Ultimately, I can expect to accommodate to new working hours, which may encourage me to sweat at the gym before work. I will likely miss out on dinner prayers with my folks, but my parents recognise my need to grow in this field and they are both excited for me. I also expect it will be more faster-paced, but at least I will be surrounded by the best in the field and working with a sound and collective team, which is what I desire right now. And I expect the role to be more boring, as there will be live checks of numbers and less interaction with random colleagues from other departments.

It was actually hard to leave behind my former role and workplace. I know it’s important to divorce my emotions of the past, and I’ve heard countless colleagues say to me that it is healthy to be looking after myself. To me, it’s been a progressive miracle since the doors to pastoral ministry has closed over.

Funnily, I may have been looking at pastoral ministry opportunities in the wrong place. At the end of the day, I’m not called to the church, but it doesn’t stop me from serving among people, especially when I’m technically an ambassador of God within the body of Christ.

The job that I recently retired from was indeed my called workplace to serve in pastoral ministry through IT and customer servicing. Although I didn’t invite anyone to an Alpha course or give out a single copy of the Gideon’s Bible during my 2-year stint, I was able to witness in my attitude and work and love my colleagues and peers as my neighbours, as I would love myself.

I was humbled by their outpouring generosity in return and the countless hugs and shared contact details to keep in touch. I have never witnessed anything like it in my life. I think my leaving pot amounted to over £170 (£130 worth in Amazon vouchers alone). There were multiple boxes of Green & Blacks chocolate and a bottle of red wine too. I am so thankful that the LORD used my unemployment season to revive my faith, as He saw a purpose for me to witness to God’s lost sheep, whilst I learned to develop my self-confidence as a person. More importantly, I learned to rely on God’s daily provisions as a believer in Christ.

To paraphrase a theme in the Gospels of the New Testament. As believers, we should really be in the ‘business’ of fishing for men. Not only is there a vast market and ludicrous profit margin that is unknown to man, but the worth of a saved soul won for Christ is eternal life.

As I earnestly strive to pursue God’s own heart in fishing for men, I can at least redeem myself from browsing job adverts and filling out application forms. Instead, I will likely be kneeling in prayer as I earnestly seek spiritual and physical protection. Now is the season to reconcile my relationship with the LORD to better invest in the future ahead.

Ed: Thank goodness for collective voices that support a formed opinion. Due to a fellow rookie peer who piped up about obtaining SC status, we were all given pre-forms the next day. We were equally quick to fill out the pre-form and pass it to the relevant party. Just waiting for the formal questionnaire.

In addition, I am allowed to work an early shift (similar to my previous workplace). Ok, I finish an hour early than normal, but it would potentially allow me to be with my parents to dine and pray together. For me, I can reclaim back my evening, as I genuinely want to use my evening to study tidbits related to my new role at work. I also need the physical rest, as my body is in hyper boost mode. And of course, I can also use my evening to continue to develop this Kingdom focus vision.


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