I believe good things come to those who wait. I also believe patience is a virtue.

Knowing that I’ve recently inked my kid-like signature on a new contract, I sense an inward pressure to honour God’s temple as I now have a new superficial price on my literal head – not just in the post sense, but also in my present probation period. In addition to signing my life away, my mind has been processing new opportunities. Annoyingly, they all link to the worldly concept of settling down and moving from the nest.

Towards the close of the working week, I now have enough money to put forward to a deposit for a house in a nearby town, or a run-down flat in the City. Meanwhile, during this past week, I pulled the trigger on another eBay laptop, purely for networking and programming purposes. This will help me to avoid clashing with my venture content on my current eBay lappy and allow me to develop my technical skills.

Since receiving my final paycheck from my former place – only this morning, I have now reached the 5-figure milestone in savings before the end of the year. Plus I received my first paycheck from my new job only two days ago. I shoved the whole bulk to my savings account. Out of sight, out of mind. All be the glory to God for His daily provisions.

Talking Heads

Remember how I would reflect often about wanting to pursue God’s Kingdom and Him alone through this Kingdom focus vision? It’s still there, but my flesh is wanting to settle down and enjoy life like everyone else.

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” (Gen 2:18, NASB).

Do I dare to disagree with the LORD? Or do I side with the teachings of Paul – a mere mortal which churches today follow and preach over Christ? Do I screw marriage in the fleshy sense and wait for marriage in Heaven instead?

My newly paid role in the secular world is a gamechanger for my personal development. Not only does it signal my desire to look after myself in the sense of pursuing the current trends of technology, and riding the only wave that is available to me. I heard from a secondary but direct source that we are all very lucky to secure a role in this field due to the demand for help. And yes, we will be internally developed.

If I truly want to jump ahead of the crowd and further my practical and formal skillset, I’m best to focus on self-studies and experiment with home-based environments. Hence, my need to buy another eBay laptop, so I can keep my environments separate from one another.

At the end of the day, I should be able to develop a broad and practical understanding across the popular cross platform environments from an InfoSec perspective. However, I don’t have a stable replacement for my MacBook Pro paperweight other than a virtual machine, which isn’t the best of solutions for a production-based environment. I may flog a second-hand MacBook laptop. I need access to a Mini DisplayPort or a USB 3.0 port, as I still need to backup my Mac-partitioned Thunderbolt external HDD. Again, I could borrow from a random Mac user.

Consuming Flesh

For so long, I have a silly mentality in wanting to look out for others. I realise this mentality and attitude leads to burnout and a psychological sense of underappreciation and being used and abused.

Despite the gamechanger path I now tread, it is still of my utmost and sincere desire to fulfil this Kingdom-focus vision for the glory of God. I know I’ll be in a better position through financial discipline to elevate certain skillsets and network with new contacts in the City. I would rather rely on hard-earned cash, as I do not fear risking my own assets. And typically, when you invest heavily using your own money, you often desire to see the fruit of that investment. For me, I want to lay the foundations to invest in people. I have the blueprints treasured in my top pocket, I just need to learn how to read them.

At the time of writing, my favoured building advertised available office space for rent. However, I have no clue about property jargon and legislation. At the same time, I would only consider such space as a freelancer and not a registered company for various reasons. Initially, I would want to use it as a creative hub. It’s also a new option for me to express myself creatively and expand the mind. Hence, why the concept of settling down is appealing to me. Not only would I scrape the time from daily commutes, but I could use the space to unravel the blueprints and have a base for research and development, which is my growing priority to see this vision come to any sense of fruition. Ultimately, a mortgage-driven property is a better investment than never-ending rent bills.

So yeah, do I part God’s dosh and seek to settle down and claim a property for myself, or do I lease a hub purely to develop creative projects that I cannot declare due to my accounts being monitored until April 2018?

Despite my opinions and flesh, I believe the best response is to wait until after my probation, when my accounts are no longer monitored. Even if I want to pursue my side projects, there are only two projects that I can pursue due to the low overheads. However, I still need to invest in specialised hardware. Not too sure how I can monetise these pet projects to secure an extra source of income. As a result, I feel compelled to remain base until I recognise God’s voice. And I am certain, this new path is a partial distraction that is preventing me from listening to God’s voice.

Personal Development

Aside from wanting to grow in my superficial skillset to pay for food on the table as it were, I have upped my daily exercise routine. As our floor is six floors high, I climb 107 steps four times a day. During my 1-hour lunch break, I deliberately leave the building and improvise a ridiculous 1-hour walk. In addition, there are 2 blocks of walking routes per day (20 minutes and 10 minutes) from my morning drop-off as I commute by bus each day.

Approximately, that’s 90 minutes of walking per day, alongside 428 steps that literally take my breath away. And yes, I nod off like the Churchill dog on my commute home. Oh yes!!

At the weekend, I strive to attend the gym mainly to pull my literal weight and develop strength around my shoulders. Sometimes, reaching the front doors of the gym consumes all my strength!

The reason why I want to improve my health is partly due to looking after my temple on a cushy-for-the-buttocks job. Plus, if I am to champion as a healthy-esque voice, I need to set an example.

Above all, my change of role is freeing up more time for me to meditate on the LORD. Aside from praying for spiritual and physical protection for obvious reasons, I primarily seek Godly wisdom, knowledge and guidance that I may live a life that pleases Him.


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