A miracle happened today… on a Sunday.

I was helping Dad to humph our infamous treadmill from our living room to our nearly-finished ‘sunroom’ (more of that drama in a much delayed reflection this year).

Half way to its final destination, we had to tilt the treadmill base on its side for the contraption to squeeze past the hallway, with a view to hop it on top of some spare linoleum to slide across to the sunroom.

All went well until the treadmill hydraulics swung open and my Trump-like fingers were caught at the end. The sensation was like a real-life episode of Looney Tunes. Four of my fingers were trapped. Suddenly my body went into shock mode and I was frantically pleading with Dad to swing back the hydraulics. I unknowingly realised my heart was chasing excessively and my breathing was loud, deep and desperate – like I was going into labour. I was quickly losing circulation to my fingers and my body started gushed out sweat like a tap leaking at the top of my head. At this stage, I was not in control of my body.

Somehow, Dad was able to locate the big red hydraulic mechanism, and for some strange reason, he was able to close the thing until there was enough leeway for my four pulsating fingers to release away safely from the jam. I believe the LORD gave Dad the boosted strength to close the strong hydraulics to a safe position.

During this 5-minute ordeal, I never teared up, or muttered the many alterations of Mother-Father-Brother-Sister. As a rule of thumb, I don’t swear. Nor did I hear any cracks or noise in or around my fingers. Although, I may have misheard the crack when the hydraulics swung fully open.

Once Dad safely closed the hydraulics, he asked me how I was – which you and I can tag as the obviously stupid question. As my body was in shock mode, I relayed that my body was in shock and I needed a few moments to ride it out. There was a hint that I wanted to vomit, which would have been the first since 2009 – but fortunately, the phase had passed. My head was still overflowing in sweat like a Highland Spring. My tee and jeans were soaked from my profuse sweat after my 5-minute stint in overdrive mode.

I was able to twitch my fingers and flex each fingers after groaning myself in the unknown pain and physical exhaustion. By this time, my body had slumped against a pillared wall of our kitchen. I clasped my right hand with my left hand to gently stretch the tendons and muscles, or what I could muster and feel. It didn’t help when I valued my right hand to be my strong hand, as I am right-handed – though I make it a habit to change hands to juggle everyday tasks.

Once I regained a sense of stability in my right hand, I was able to make the usual full motion and air-fingering gestures. I was less concerned of the purple state of my four fingers, as I knew the circulation would eventually flow as normal.

I asked Dad to summon my wallet so I could band-aid a skin flap on my index finger, before resuming the final hurdle of the dreaded treadmill to the infamous sunroom.

Long story short… when I re-showered (for the second time in the morning), I finally sat in my study room eating breakfast. Whilst reading through my morning notifications on my phone, I came across today’s Word of the day on my Tecarta Bible app.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the LORD comes to the rescue each time. For the LORD protects the bones of the righteous; not one of them is broken. -Psalm 34:19-20 (NLT)

All be the glory to God for preserving my fingers, whilst giving Dad the supernatural strength to wield the hydraulics of the treadmill to free my fingers from further damage.


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