It’s a weird feeling to be working for the Empire. Let’s just say it’s not exactly the Rebel Alliance.

The perks include a laid back attitude. You can breathe in-between tasks, but the literal air is toxic. The exponential perk is that I will not see the light of day on a generous pension and life assurance. It’s the exponential perk that attracts the middle-aged folk to settle down.

Curiously, the life assurance is worth the sum of one half of what I hope to raise for this Kingdom-focus vision. I also have this driven mentality that I can earn more than my enrolled pension outside of the Empire, even though it is a very generous contribution. Only two Imperial departments yield such offering.

The one evident concern that I have with the Empire is the lack of formal documentation for me to follow through. All knowledge are contained inside shelled noggins. It’s the noggins of those whom most don’t want to share, as they know the perks of the Empire. It may well be safeguarding a post, but I love to learn and expand my knowledge. I’m not boasting if I am to draw comparison between the Empire and this Kingdom-focus vision, but I would actually have a better understanding in forming such venture than consulting the limited repository of formal processes.

There is hope with the Empire. There is word of being put through accredited training. For me this is the only personal perk that I can utilise and cherish, but only if I serve the Empire longer beyond my constitutional condition which I am currently serving.

Curiously, the accredited training won’t help me to better fulfil my duties, as I still consult the limited repository of formal processes, but one component may offer a better overview of the undisclosed role. Meanwhile, there is a secondary component that is aimed to develop our rank beyond the Empire, which is actually encouraging. From personal observation, only two accredited training is given in a single complete moon orbit.

The worthy accreditation is something I am studying towards behind the scenes of active duty, which is sadly limited at the end of the sequential block of active duty. Unfortunately, due to the daily commute on-patrol, I lack the energy to focus on anything beyond the evening gathered meal. I often return to my quarters, ready for the morning rise. Because of this, I cannot settle the mind on three disclosures: shelled noggins, limited repository, and daily on-patrol.

I also find it amusing that I no longer have the capacity to study the in-depth hologram messages of my specialised post behind the scenes of active duty. Instead, it feels like an obscured rank that will be limited for at least 3 complete moon orbits, before a commander considers and recommends a new rank. I am also learning from reliable sources that technical knowledge does not equate to a new rank, but how one weaves with dealings with personnel within the Empire. The limited reward outweighs the personal intuition. Of course, it is common knowledge that the reward is greater outside the Empire, but most typically seek an undisclosed minimum of 3 complete moon orbits. It’s also ironic that other Imperial departments can reward tokens handsomely, despite the importance of our specialised duty with the Empire.

In my calculated mind, the earned tokens will mostly be frozen for at least 3 complete moon orbits. I cannot see a dramatic increment in tokens, but it is worth noting should the sun shine on a unique shadow within the dark valley.


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