I was bemused when a fourth parent offered me their daughter who is on the market as it were.

I get that parents want the best for their kids. A parent will always defend and promote said child, unless he or she is guilty of a grave and serious crime, then he or she is shunned from association.

In all honesty, I never know how to deal with the concerning impromptu of a parent’s promotion of their daughter. In the past, I was led to believe it could be of God’s leading, but that theory proved wrong. After all, it takes two to tangle. I also don’t particularly handle rebounds either, as I suspect there’s a hidden agenda. It doesn’t help when the spiritual wisdom kicks in, which I strive to act upon. And it hurts to walk away from an opportunity as a result of such discernment.

What’s more annoying for my flesh is that I genuinely seek a Godly believer, who actually has a strong faith in the LORD and is less consumed with the world and all its fabulous streams of worldly entertainment. I don’t want to marry Mrs Vivaldi. One season is fine – not four.

It doesn’t help when today’s technology is making significant advances to incorporating the metadata of our finely-tuned habits, whilst seeing a disturbing rise in development to artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, it can be argued that our IQ levels and social skills are rapidly decreasing over time, as we glue our eyes on shiny devices as we communicate by emojis.

*add Poo emoji here*

Tomorrow’s future is looking more like Pixar’s Wall-E.

If it’s taken me a journey and a half to abandon my own fleshy desires with entertainment, then I would hate to be dragged back into the quicksand medium simply to entertain my relationship time with my significant other. Do I want to binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix and then bounce back to the BBC for Strictly Come Dancing with the Mrs? The odd movie yeah, but not the addictive medium that would sap my time and energy on a daily basis. Much like I would hate to burn a 4 or 5-figure sum on a single wedding day. What a ruddy waste of money!

Curiously, I’ve only met one brother in Christ who did the opposite. The Christian pair signed a marriage certificate at their local registrar office. They then celebrated their epic wedding with a simple low-key homemade meal with select friends and family at their local church. No engagement as such, just a firm commitment to one another.

The stark reality is how does a Christian guy find a mature Christian girl who doesn’t want a lavish wedding, simply to dress like a princess for the day and invite their Facebook directory of friends? It doesn’t help when most girls are able to identify and relate with a particular Disney princess. And it’s no secret that some girls have a dream wedding.

I personally believe a couple has legally tied the knot before the LORD – at the moment they share their promise to one another in holy matrimony. For Christians attending a conservative church, there are further hoops to jump, as they need to be in attendance of that particular church for over a year and both involved in local ministries. But it doesn’t stop there. They are strongly encouraged to go through the Christianity Explored course and make sure they are committed believers, before they are even considered for marriage by the pastor at THAT church. Meanwhile, him and her are not getting any younger, thus there is a fertility timer counting behind the scenes. Good grief!

Ironically, it’s the underlying value of marriage and the sustaining relationship that needs the real-value investment, not the wedding day (and I would also argue not the hoops from conservative churches either). Besides, even ‘committed’ Christians can end up in divorce.

*clears throat*

Thus explains my singleness and my frustration in wanting to settle appropriately before the LORD.

With regards to sourcing a significant other who is not absorbed by the worldly shackles of society, it’s a major bummer in finding such quality locally, never mind here in the UK. There is more of that quality in the States, but I’m not exactly advertising myself across the pond either. Plus if I’m dealing with a bird from the States (again), then I will need to negotiate my British mindset with guns and politics with her family. Um… yeah. Been there, done that.

I find it ironic that the ‘Godly’ conservatives across the pond champion guns, the American flag, and are typically Republicans.

The former is obvious. Besides, I’m against all forms of human death – be it capital punishment, abortion, or euthanasia clinics.

The flag for independence. Well, it’s a mindset of what the colours represent, which I passively admire. At the end of the day, no nation is ever free. However, as a born-again believer, we are saved and free from eternal death. Why doesn’t the eternal truth of God’s Living Word hold a higher value than the star-spangled banner? I will never know.

Lastly, Republicans aren’t exactly a sinless party and free from fault. Yes, I appreciate the Christian undertones, but a political party needs to humble themselves before God as they seek the LORD God for His wisdom. Otherwise, how does a nation and its leaders receive God’s blessing, grace and mercy?

Returning back to the singleness mantra.

For me, my problem is that I am ‘busy’ with life. Whether it is seen as meaningful business or wastefulness, then I leave that to God to lead me to where He truly wants me to serve. For the time being, I want to be a good steward in using God’s appointed time and money wisely. Unfortunately, my new role is draining my immune system to near depletion that I am actively consulting the LORD for an ace of grace.

At the end of the day, I look to a person’s heart, which in itself is very challenging, but the LORD has given a spiritual gift, which I strive to use and discern for His glory. Typically, it’s challenging to look beneath the skin of a woman. Penultimately, guys ogle at the 3 B’s. However, each of the three B’s age over time. They are superficial faculties that represent one’s body, which some find physically attractive – and often the reason to date and marry. Not for me.

The reality is… as I discern your faith in the LORD, I want to learn whether you are emotionally stable and not a feather prop from Forrest Gump. You may have assets to woo my deceiving heart and eyes, but they won’t prepare you for what lies ahead, which is an endurance race to grow in Christ and witness to nations and disciple others in the teachings of the LORD Jesus Christ.


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  • I don’t know if its that complex. Good girls want a faithful man. My two found a very different one each. There are 4 b’s – the fourth stands for ‘bonus’; these external features are only that. And, yes, a wife does utterly change everything. Perhaps that was God’s plan way back in Genesis 2:18.

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