Last week, I spent my weekend creating a 2-month planner on Excel – not quite Garageband style, but a more worthy life skill (take note fellow millennial). I created another spreadsheet to calculate my skin-tight budget, provided that I don’t buy any goodies, coffee, eBooks, video games, or magazines by the time I hang my tie on Thursday 14th June.

I found myself encouraged to maintain a 17-hour daily schedule with 7 hours of dedicated sleep. My body needs at least 7 hours of sleep to help replenish my energy. Once I leave my job next month, I will be exerting less physical energy and generating more brain activity, I may experiment with the sleep ratio to 6 hours.

I am starting this crazy regime pretty much on the first day of my given unemployment. I will begin with the opening of Scripture in prayer and devotional study. Followed by a 1-hour exercise routine, which I have flagged as running and a sturdy breakfast.

I have pencilled a 4-hour slot to learn Front-End Web Development during the morning slot. During the afternoon I will change my daily rota to watching video training on cutting-edge technologies, so I can work towards a formal accreditation in the Microsoft MCSA ‘career’ track, as I want to specialise in Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure – the latter being focused on Cloud hosting and technologies (something I want to skill for myself for the obvious future).

Depending on my available budget, I want to invest in the Microsoft MSDN (Visual Studio Professional – Cloud subscription), as it’ll unlock specialised software to assist my personal development, so I can follow through with side projects. I already have access to these software and tools with legitimate licensing (from my student days), but I want an additional license to toy around for my private studies with a leaning towards a commercial environment.

Despite my clear focus to learn web programming, mobile development, and gain formal certification in Microsoft Windows Servers, I have left myself short to learn Linux – mostly Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), which is something I have wanted to learn in a long while. Having skills in Red Hat will certainly open doors, much like Windows Server architecture and Cisco/F5 networking.

It’s a shame there is much to learn and maintain – purely to remain competitive in the tech sector.

Amongst this tech talk, I am still very keen to press forward with this Kingdom-focus vision.

How will I achieve this if I return to limbo-land out of my choosing?

In short, I need to be stepping more out in faith. I can’t be seen sitting idle in life. Faith needs to be flexed and stretched.

In the interim, I want to be grounded on a local job that I can ‘settle’ in the short-mid term. I’m aiming for a ‘comfortable’ salary, which I know I can secure, but it depends on the LORD – if that is where He wants me to be at.

The need to be exposed to certain faculties of IT is purely to bolster and strength my practical knowledge of IT infrastructure to use for this Kingdom-focus vision – especially when safeguarding the data of personnel, and to better understand how to upscale from a one-man band to a fledging enterprise. More crucially, it’s riding the waves of technological trends, which the more I study businesses – needs hipsters who keep with the times of this world.

I am also aiming for a managerial role for various reasons. I am looking to return to the third sector as there is less red tape and political hierarchy. I’m surprised that some advertised roles in the third sector offer better benefits than the State. For one, there is less stress. Salary is so-so, but money isn’t everything. Crucially, I want to be learning new skills, understand more of the business mechanics and IT infrastructure and slow the grey hairs.

Essentially, I’m moving forward to save my health and sanity. I’d rather job hop and find satisfaction in a job, than find a silhouette of an overworked donkey.

By faith, I’ve made my move on the chess board. I’m just waiting for the LORD to respond with His return.


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