For someone who is pulling the plug on one’s job, I will no longer see a steady stream of income.


At least, for the interim. Besides, health is more important than money. It’s also the first job that I will have walked out in less than 7 months. I’m not a quitter, but when one experiences past endurance runs that should have ended a lot sooner, I am learning to walk away from things. In ways, I am learning to be more cutthroat with my emotions.

Meanwhile, I am keen to pull the trigger on a RODE microphone kit and a Sony a7 III + 55mm Zeiss lens kit. Who does that when one is unemployed?

Before I pull the eventual trigger, I will likely wait during my first week of unemployment to learn if I can score an interview for a salaried technical role with a local charity organisation. I am hopeful to at least be considered for interview. The job is easy going for a comfortable pay, which suits my health and sanity.

Of course, it has to be God’s will for me. Besides, in the past, I have been unsuccessful to apply for cleaning jobs. At the end of the day, I just want to use my multidisciplinary skillset and grow in a technical role, and I’m curious to learn if they see my application as a diversity win for them. The bottom line is I just want to be recognised for my technical skills and commercial experience – and not exclusively for my soft skills.

I was encouraged last week to receive feedback and a CV review from a tech-focused recruitment agency. I am hopeful in securing a replacement role very soon.

I have learned my lesson. Do not form the basis of a job offer based on passive judgement on your character. That’s like allowing an overtly enthusiastic charity ‘jumper’ trying to entice you to cough up money for a charity, which they are paid to exploit your emotions.

Some companies will typically want to see if they like your face, and whether you are a ‘Yes Man’ which essentially means you will unlikely argue or disagree with peers – especially management. If they overlook your technical skills and claim to train you, push harder on the question of training. Sometimes, you will want to ride out a poor job purely to level-up in terms of pay and working conditions at another job.

My problem is that I left a fun and charitable culture within the third sector to return back to the public sector. It didn’t help when I was the most vocal (and oldest) of the newbies that joined the team last December. On a side note, my gut reaction was right when I was first interviewed for the job – they didn’t really care about you as a person, just your ability to fit in the team (i.e. if your face fits). Ultimate red flag – but hey, you learn from your mistakes – and you need to make mistakes before you can learn from them, or at least learn from other people’s mistakes. I am certain the LORD has allowed me to experience such highs and lows for a reason, so I cannot comment or speculate why – as I literally do not have an answer.

Professionally, it’s your technical skills and commercial experience that filters through the HR firewall. That’s why you see screeds of CAN-YOU-DO-THIS galore bullet-points. Anyone can bull-talk their way in and around life. If you are those all-talk no-action, then the world is your oyster. For the remaining majority, we need to be sufficiently skilful and confident in our communication.

The reason for the hefty splurge is the desire to return back to creative projects. Working on tech can dampen the creative cogs. Also, working for an uninspiring company can churn your brain through a cheese grater. I am itchy to spend some dosh on a creative hamper, as I know the LORD will provide a replacement job very soon. Plus there are creative ways that I want to give God the glory, particularly in creative projects. I pray that I’m using my time and money wisely for His glory.

If there is one company that I would seriously consider working for, it would have to be Microsoft. The creative vision, refreshing leadership, and cutting-edge technologies that Satya Nadella is commanding forward is awe-inspiring.

My silent annoyance is that I am not called to England or London. It is also where I need to divorce my emotions and focus on God’s calling in my life. I need to be careful not to chase down the worldly trends of the tech sector, like a kid running towards the end of a rainbow.

Technology can be useful, but I am called to serve among people. For someone who grew up with technology from the age of 4, I have learned to control my tech habits. In recent years, I have even conquered the addiction of video games. I still play the latest titles across multiple platforms, but I know when to switch off and uninstall them. I feel sorry for fellow peers and believers who find themselves fully consumed with technology. Must a mobile phone be present during dating or eating dinner with a family. I’m now looking to delete my Facebook account, even though I have an empty placeholder. The reality is… I don’t want to be precious about worldly things.

Earlier this week, I took another leap in faith and cancelled my interview for the 16-week intensive programming course. Do I really want to throw £5.5k on a 4-month course with a further month of prep work that will lock me in from mid-July to November? I’m also fed up with academia. If you want to learn something, do it yourself – or find a good teacher with proven and current experience in the field.

From mid-June, I will be ploughing through Treehouse videos at $25 per month and work at my own intensive pace. After all, it’s me that needs to understand the ramifications and principals of Object Orientated Programming (OOP), not by teaming up with others – where that attention is then divided. Besides, *if* I really want to pursue a programming-related job, it’s me that will need to pass a programming test – thus the group cohort has less value, other than who you’ll end up working alongside at your new job. Hence the money that I would be saving on a £5.5k course – part of which I am happy to splurge on a microphone and camera kit, which will continue beyond 5 months. I have creative ideas for a light-hearted podcast and video production.

Or… I can keep the money for a rainy day and use it for a deposit for a flat in the City and live outside the nest – and start my asset investment in life. Although, it’s tempting and I do crave to live onwards and upwards, I’m also an only child and I love my parents. Plus, they are both at a funny age, where they forget things frequently.

Anyhow, 9 business days left before I can reinvigorate my skills and health. I have never found so much peace and excitement about letting go of a job, even though nothing concrete has been lined up formally to replace the financial void.


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