I updated the whole of my CV last weekend. I somehow managed to cram more XP points and still retain a 1-page overview. I am sure composing your CV with Adobe InDesign makes all the difference, as one can finely adjust the white spacing between the headers and paragraphs. However, as a perfectionist – it is hard to let go and stop editing.

I created two copies of my finished CV. One which discloses a particular detail that I have come to learn is not for public show and a supporting portfolio website. The other copy omits these two details.

Upon revising my CV, I realised that I missed on some specific details from my current and previous roles, which may have swung favour in some technical roles. I also find it troubling to learn that I have done more work on lower-paid jobs than I have with higher-paid roles. No wonder folk want to climb up people’s backsides – the beauty and pride of a manager’s title, whilst doing next to nothing in a given role. C’est la vie!

I have chosen to maintain my ‘Present’ work status until I am fully free from my current workplace, as I wish to honour my contractual agreement. Mind you, I am particularly excited to break away from my stupid contract and the ‘worldwide copyright, design rights’… and Intellectual Property (IP) rights that said Company claim instant ownership should I develop anything during my employment. I suspect it is more related to the hipster designer in the marketing department or the in-house software developer, though I didn’t receive a legitimate answer from their legal team to expand that legal string, which I sought before signing said contract. You see – I read this boring paperwork. Hence, I played it safe and didn’t create a sausage – and of course, close to the chest projects have been put on hold – indefinitely…

…until Thursday 14th June. Friday is my literal free day to resume creative passions on you-know-what.

I have also decided to request a refund on my contributions of my pension with said Company, purely so I can re-invest the amount on current activities and projects. I may decide to reserve it for my pension pot with my previous workplace – and use it as my private pension pot, which I still administer. If I can access the fine details of my current pension outside of the Company then I would be happy to leave it there. But due to the Gates of Mordor infrastructure, I’d rather cash out, as I don’t trust the underlying setup. As a general rule of thumb – if I can’t control or access something, then I don’t trust it. Simples.

Despite facing my new reality, I have genuine peace in the LORD. I trust His ways are just and fair – and it’s all for His glory – even when I don’t understand what is going on. I may not fully understand the unravelling of pending events or His timing, but I can only trust and obey. I am thankful that my parents are content for me to move on, but they recognise that health is more important than money.

I have also tendered my last hopeful application for a City position, which I have sought God’s permission. It’s a technical business role with some managerial budgeting within the third sector. It’s a role that I can dig my teeth and enjoy – and it’s the most technical experience that closely resembles this Kingdom-focus vision. As with everything, it’s up to the LORD to open and close doors. I just need to wait until the week after I finish up my job before I hear back.

I don’t believe I mentioned in my previous reflection, but I won’t be registering with the DWP. This self-initiated leave from work is purely to fixate on re-skilling myself in tech (mostly web/mobile programming and cloud/server technologies). I know there are same-paid jobs in rough bits outside the City that require past skills, but it defeats the purpose of moving forward. You could say it’s my lateral move between different areas of a business with a view to use new technologies.

Now you can appreciate why I currently struggle to settle with a Mrs in this exciting stage of life. She will never understand the wild job hops, unless I just so happen to cross-path with my future Mrs in one of these lateral job moves. At the time of writing, I can afford to take major risks, as I’m not tied to a mortgage or have relationships ties – hence the profound itch to pursue entrepreneur. I know the mindset to settle is just round the corner, much like a Disney queue.

Anyhow, I have now finished my last full week of work. Bring on the remaining 4 days of next week. I can see my ending reminiscent to that of Shawshank Redemption.


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