My personal studies are coming along. I had a short hiatus after taking a week out to learn ‘Salesforce’ for a potential job opportunity, which didn’t land me a new job. No biggie. Instead, I gained a better understanding of another popular software with hands-on practical experience.

I even obtained the ‘Adventurer’ status on the Salesforce Trailblazer Rank, as I tallied 10,000 XP points, as I was keen to learn the administration basics of Salesforce. Thank goodness for gamification across online learning platforms. I will likely subscribe to Salesforce, mainly to grow accustomed to the mechanics. I may use it for the Kingdom-focus vision as an underlying solution for offset components and freelance projects.

Note: Salesforce is a leading CRM platform, which is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that aims to secure and generate more sales for a business.

This past Sunday morning, I reached what I had achieved in my original knowledge of HTML and CSS through Treehouse (the online programming school). Everything beyond this point is now new information. I’m glad I stuck out to refresh the basics from my initial attempt in 2015, as I’m learning new techniques in the markup language of HTML5 and I can better grasp some of the nifty tricks used in CSS3. It’s like a lightbulb has switched on within my brain. Hooray for data retention!

Earlier today, I even had my first exposure to JavaScript. So far, I can annoy the end-user with Alert() dialogue boxes, punt random messages on the physical webpages using Document.Write() functions and send secret messages to myself through the Console.Log().

Meanwhile, I cheated myself last week and applied for a 6-month job as an IT contractor for an IT Helpdesk role in the City for a multinational company. I’m not convinced that I will score the job – despite having the practical experience for the most part. My only agenda for the 6-month stint is purely to gain practical experience in further cloud technologies in Microsoft and ERP / CRM / BI packages. I’m essentially applying as a nosey-B. I am keen to score a homerun role in using cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure and Office 365. The latter I already subscribe, but I want to better understand the context of a setup within an enterprise environment.

I have also been eyeing a technical role as a Business-esque Analyst, as the role overseas the overall processes of an organisation and explores solutions for a business using IT knowledge.

There are elements of UI/UX prototyping, programming, data mining, configuring systems, training, delivering presentations and writing business plans that pique my interest. You can perhaps suspect why the role may appeal to me. Again, I want to expose myself to the core systems that drive a business, alongside the supplementary IT / Finance systems. The latter component would be useful for the future.

However, the path of a traditional Business Analyst is mostly meetings and makeshift flow diagrams. I would rather climb the technical ladder, because there is more value in understanding the technologies and mechanics to how things work – especially on a practical hands-on level, as opposed to being involved in meetings – despite the high pay in some of the advertised roles.

Well, for one, I want to knock on the door of my friendly recruitment agent, as I want to see if my past commercial experience and technical knowledge on paper can stand the test to apply for such role. I may as well take advantage of a recruitment agency to revise my CV. So far, the feedback that I’ve had from contacted agencies have been positive. Another shared that I am driven and focused, as I know where I want to be – with regards to technical skills.

I just need to tell my brain to dig my heels to remain focused to develop my technical skills, whilst I have the time. I’m also fortunate to be in a financial position where I can afford to take some time out of work to achieve just that. My only annoyance is that I would like a source of income to help supplement IT upgrades, as I overlooked my budget for my domain portfolio and my binge buys on e-books and game bundles on Humble Bundle. I don’t want to freelance (if I can help it), but I do want to expose myself and build some mobile apps in the interim. If I’m going to freelance, I will annoy some wealthy churches.

With regards to my financial outlook, I received £200 extra on my final salary that came through last Friday (alongside my P45 and an updated UK Driver’s Licence). I have yet to calculate the bonus lump sum of my refunded pension contributions that I have requested to be cashed out. When the refunded pension contribution boomerangs to my piggy bank, I will be financially secure and my original budget planner can sigh a healthy relief. Therefore, I shouldn’t need to be compelled to take a random job just for the sake of money.

As a result, I haven’t splurged on any big spends (no fancy digital SLR or microphone kit). Instead, I’m choosing to focus on the software development for now, while I have a driven momentum. I still want to acquire some Microsoft certificates through the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) track. To me, servers and cloud technologies is (and has been) the way forward in the tech sector.

I may choose to share tidbits of my learning state in the coming weeks.


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