My brain is exploding with exhaustion. I should really return to cardio exercise and jog around the block at the crack of dawn. It’s just that my own crack is too nested on my layered mattress each morning to even bother with cardio. And this is despite the fact that I wake up at 5am each morning.

This self-study regime is certainly stimulating as I hoped and expected, but it’s profoundly exhausting. So, I am taking a break with this reflection that I want to push before Wednesday 1st August 2018.

Facebook has since changed the house rules to prevent third-party services from pushing out syndicates to people’s profile timeline. The new changes will roll out on 1st August 2018.

It makes you wonder why American’s keep banging on about America is such a free country. Free from what exactly? It’s not any more free to the United Kingdom – it’s just as restricted.

So if I want folk to take note of my blog posts via Facebook, I would need to manually push an external link from within Facebook. The problem is… I don’t bother with Facebook, other than 3 brothers in Christ from a ‘Friends List’ of 150 or something like that.

Some of us have lives outside a smartphone. I neither log on to Facebook on a daily basis, nor do I deploy advertising on my vacant blog – so I don’t pretend to love the world for ‘Likes’ on a pyramid pay-per-click scheme. It doesn’t help when I’ve personally tinkered with the view permissions on my personal timeline. I essentially appear ‘dead’ on Facebook and my profile picture is 9 years old.

Besides, I have a Facebook page dedicated for the blog, which is incrementing in spam followers. Gosh, it receives more traffic and views than your local church Facebook page, but I have no way to block the spam followers and I haven’t bothered to find out the root cause. I don’t understand how it works and I have no time either.

My blog post notifications will still be active on Twitter, which is my preferred social media platform. I don’t have the heart to ditch Facebook (yet), even though I flushed out my data and rarely use it. The only data scrub needed is deleting legacy messages via Messenger. I have a friend who lives across the pond, whom I want to keep in touch via Facebook. In addition, I am more likely to require a Facebook account to use some of the Facebook platforms used in web development – so, I want to keep an open door for that. I also need to research and find out if that is indeed true, or a GitHub account is sufficient for my needs.

For once, I am going to cut short with this reflection, which is more like a PSA (Public Service Announcement).

I may spill the beans on new projects that I’m currently working on, but I am going to rewire my own built-in heart antenna, so I can re-tune my ears to listen to God and seek the mind of Christ.


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