I am beginning to realise that programming is easier to grasp than Scripture, especially when reading the upper-class eloquence of the ESV. Often, I resort to reading the NLT for my daily bread. Nonetheless, I am encouraged to learn that both Crossway and Tyndale Publishing have API sets that I can register and access both bible translations. I will likely toil with bible programming in mid-2019. Besides, I want to develop a strong and confident understanding of the JavaScript syntax and not get hyped up with JS frameworks.

Meanwhile, my Staunton walnut chess set is now housed on my study desk. I also asked my Dad to scramble my Rubik’s cube. It’s a special speed cube and already I have cracked the white cross and corresponding sides. It is my personal ambition to master chess and memorise the moves to solve a Rubik’s cube.


Quite simply, to stimulate my brain. After all, God gave us a brain far superior to any other living creature. I might as well take advantage of the grey matter and use it for His glory.

I want to return back to thinking logically in a disciplined mindset, like when I used similar cognitive skills when playing real-time strategy and management video games. In a game of chess, the logical thinking is elevated to new heights, because you are discerning advance moves like a human calculator. I am convinced playing chess will help me learn new leadership skills.

I may be 4 months away from a convincing portfolio, but I want to understand the lay of the land when making stern judgement calls. The same underlying principle is essential, especially when I want to advance forward with this Kingdom-focus vision.

I can copy the business model from Company X or the like, but I want to refine an ever-adaptable and sustaining business model – never mind seek investment from angel investors. The initial blueprint is there. I just want my desired tactical risks to sink with my heart and faith.

Even when I was writing the original business plan, I deliberately omitted technical trends that competitors had pushed to market. At the time, I was not convinced of the logic behind the trend and feel it is a gimmick and defeats the primary USP. Years later, I still stand by that decision.

I may be focusing on my personal (and professional) skillset so I can come across as ‘marketable’ to investors, but I am being deliberate to invest in certain projects and skills. After all, if all goes belly up or I fail to act on this Kingdom-focus vision, I will still have strong technical and creative skills to live my life. What I do know is that I don’t need to rush anything, which is a new paradigm shift for me personally.

Chess may share three possible outcomes that resemble a game of football which I don’t want to emulate, but I still have to calculate and discern my available moves as I navigate across new terrain.


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