Thanks to my charitable colleagues where I previously worked two jobs ago, I still had store credit on my Amazon account.

To celebrate my first payday, I decided to invest in my long overdue audio kit. All items have been sitting inside my Amazon basket for the past year and I have researched all the gear that I need.

I resisted buying the kit after leaving my previous job, as I wanted to explore the cryptic world of functional programming – which to me is the equivalent to cave diving. I have new programming concepts that I want to explore which incorporates the use of audio, so I look forward to coding another prototype app. I was even inspired by a portfolio work that utilises audio in a fun and creative way.

I also have other personal projects that I wish to explore – some solo work, some collaborative.

I still wish to produce a podcast. Alongside a light-hearted topic that I would like to rift, I am considering a long-term concept that I believe is worth expounding. However, I will need to set aside some money for field-recording travel expenses and explore potential disclosure forms.

And no, I am not jumping on the revival of trending podcasts, despite listening to podcasts on a weekly basis for over 2 years now.

My growing interest in audio originated when I volunteered at a local church. I assisted with some audio work and provided the visuals during sermons and services including weddings and funerals. I never understood the mechanics behind the knobs on a sound mixer console, but I have always been fascinated to learn how it works.

My newfound interest in audio reached a crescendo when I listened to the radio dramatisation of the original Star Wars trilogy AFTER I watched the Harmy editions of the original Star Wars movies in late 2015. It was also the first time I had ever watched the original Star Wars trilogy.

Of course, I followed through and purchased the digital copies of the original Star Wars trilogy from the iTunes store. But yeah, it’s because of the Star Wars radio drama – that I was captivated by the audio presentation including the spoken dialogue, the sound effects, the music – and even the opening and closing narration. Fast forward 3 years and I now have the equipment to follow suit.

I have since registered my equipment to claim the extended warranty and servicing and I downloaded the free software and plugins including Cubase 9.5 LE and Avid Pro Tools First.

Despite my initial excitement to download free software, I prefer using Adobe Audition. The interface is much more intuitive and I can benefit the workflow across the Adobe Creative Cloud. After all, I pay the monthly subscription for the whole suite, I may as well use it and learn new skills along the way.

For the record, I grew up listening to classical music and orchestral film soundtracks. It allows my brain to multitask with other things. As long as I don’t start beatboxing with my new microphone, I hope to flex my creative muscle to producing something meaningful.


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