That’s one less social media platform to worry about. Actually, make that two. Fb and G+.

*Edit: I have since deleted 5 further accounts of various content.

I decided to permanently delete my accounts for personal reasons. From the staggered amount of ‘friends’, there are only 3 peeps whom I strive to keep in touch. Besides, I only log in once a month, which defeats the purpose of using the social media platform.

It hurts to move on and smudge myself out of existence, but the reality is – nobody cares about anyone except themselves.

Besides, I spent several days in recent months to perform a deep cleanse of logged activities within Fb that is impossible to scrub in a simplistic way (i.e. Select All -> Delete). One has to manually trawl through nearly 2-dozen categories for each logged day to manually delete such task and/or activity. It’s the worst platform I have experienced with regards to database mining. Because of the deep data analysis, I also understand why it is the most profitable in terms of targeted ads.

In comparison, it took me less than 60 seconds to INSTANTLY delete my G+ account, compared with the +2 days to delete the digital footprint on Fb. And even when you finally pluck the courage to ‘permanently’ delete your Fb account, you still need to sit in a 30-day queue, before your account gets ‘deleted’ – which I don’t believe is ever fully deleted for several reasons. Hence, why I chose to spend a couple of days to manually delete my digital footprint. I have also disconnected associated apps to external services.

Another reason for pushing the delete button is because I was happy to learn that I don’t need to use my Fb Developer account to access the open source web technologies which they develop and support, so I really had nothing to lose. Thank goodness for GitHub.

By the time this reflection goes live, I will not exist on Fb. I have also deleted my page accounts, including the one associated with this blog. It’s mostly spammers from a select region that have been following the page account anyway, which is not what I want to attract. I will stick with the organic SEO (search engine optimisation) instead.

Ironically, I had wanted to delete my account back in 2010, but instead, I chose to deactivate my Fb account on two occasions. I should have pulled the trigger back then to make life easier, but you learn from your mistakes.

So for those who stumble upon my presence online via this legacy reflection post, feel free to use homing pigeons for future correspondence. I can be contacted at the following address:

Foxtrot Alfa Charlie Echo Bravo Oscar Oscar Kilo. November Oscar. Mike Oscar Romeo Echo.


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