Alongside my continuous pruning of social media et al., I have been shaving away further distractions. It’s nothing related to the end of year mentality, as the world reflects upon the past, whilst gathering pace for the rarely-delivered New Year’s Resolution.

For me, it’s balancing time between my relationship with Christ and technology (the latter being my staple diet to earn a living). Ironically, I mute all Christian voices on [T] as I don’t want to ‘follow’ a particular voice within the evangelical circle – even though I follow them in the ‘social’ sense, but rather I want to follow Christ in my daily pursuit as I carry my cross and walk towards Him. If you are offended, then you are hurt because of your pride to feel accepted by man instead of delighting in the LORD.

Because we all need to make a living to survive in a world where we need to eat, breathe and sleep on money to survive, I have been re-calculating my viewing time across select channels to help me develop my skills, as I continue my resurge my ambition to reskill myself in the 21st century.

I am considering setting myself a strict target of 9 months to be proficient in web programming – and then some, which is a tough schedule to meet and pursue. It is also very unrealistic for me to develop a quality portfolio, but it depends what areas that I will sporadically choose to concentrate and showcase.

To coincide with my ambitious journey, I will soon be launching a new development blog in January 2019. I have yet to decide whether to use Ghost, WordPress or Hugo. There’s even the Expression Engine, which has recently been transformed as an open source project.

I am keen to use the Hugo platform because there is no back-end database, as Hugo is a static site generator. It will also force myself to use Git to push new posts, even though I’ll be using Git for my side projects anyway.

However, Ghost and WordPress have the added benefit of mobile apps for reflections on the go. With Ghost and WordPress, I will likely be stressed over updates and keeping the blog secure. Meanwhile, Hugo is a playground to tinker with a singular theme. There is no plugin nonsense and the real focus is the raw black and white pixels of documented reflections.

My personal agenda will see me swotting up the core web technologies including HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript ES6 (and above). I had to pause my studies in recent months, since my mid-year transition to a new job. Now that I have found my feet and I am content with my given situation, I can wear my tinfoil hat to study once again.

I want to set myself a radical target to develop a new portfolio piece every fortnight. If I hold true to my daring plan of action, I wish to challenge myself to consume 2 weeks from concept prototype to stable build. I know it’s daft, but so is the real world, where expectations among workplaces is unrealistic. Besides, I want a stint in the private sector to understand structures and technologies on the other side of the fence.

Come Christmas, I will also own a little Arduino, which will complete my repository of trending IoT devices. It’s a good thing I wrote a letter to Father Christmas (aka The Royal Bank of Mum and Dad).

At the end of the day, I want to incorporate web technologies with electronics and circuitry purely to stand out from the crowd, so I will be stretching my language base to include Python, C# and C. It would be cool to learn C#, as I really want to develop native apps further down the road. I have been inspired by a few indie developers, so who knows – they may be a Patreon page and a YouTube channel down the road.


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