My study desk has been revamped to a tidier layout than ever before! Curiously, it was not my intention to tidy my desk.

I recently purchased a simple VonHaus 30 Drawer Storage Organiser (White Edition) to house my electronic components so I can motivate myself to pull the tiny plastic drawers and tinker with electronic projects during 2019. I never knew a 30-drawer set was what I actually needed in my life – and no, I’m not having a mid-life crisis.

You see, I received an Arduino Starter Kit for Christmas and I recently purchased the Adafruit Project Kit for Android Things during the Black Friday sales. So I have quite a few buttons and a wild collection of resistors kicking about that needs organising. The cute drawers replaces the dozens of clear zipped bags stashed inside bulky boxes. Besides, if I’m to work with electricity and circuitry, I would prefer to work in a clean environment without copying Professor Albert Einstein’s famous haircut.

Due to the addition of Mr VonHaus, I moved my NLT Bible to sit on top of my Scarlett 2i4 audio interface, which sits happily below my monitor. I now have clear sight to see my collection of business books to the right side of my monitor. Meanwhile, my programming and design books sit above Mr VonHaus, beside my other bibles translations (i.e. Illustrated Study Bible and Chronological Study Bible).

Speaking of bibles. I downloaded a bunch of different bible study plans. Not too sure how I stumbled across them online. I’ll dub it as a God-incidence.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ connected to my monitor ready to toy around. I am using the Raspbian OS for the Raspberry Pi, so I can follow online tutorials and learn how to use Python and the terminal commands.

I also performed a clean installation on both my X-series ThinkPad laptops. One is setup with Ubuntu 18 LTS, purely to force myself to use Linux in a desktop GUI environment. Meanwhile, the other laptop is powered using Windows 10 Pro. I opted for a clean installation, so I can dedicate the Windows laptop for software development on the go. Both are seriously encrypted. The latter is encrypted using VeraCrypt.

My magazines have been filed and at the time of writing, I have soft launched my new technical blog ( I want to eventually port my personal websites to my new custom web host and fixate myself using command lines exclusively via CentOS. It’s my first adventure managing websites using a VPS (Virtual Private Server), but I wish to radically enhance my skillset, so I am more than happy to jump into the deep end.

Aside from software development, I hope to reconfigure our home network with the addition of a secondary router, alongside multiple switches. You would have thought we live inside a 30-room mansion. We live in a humble home. I merely want to better learn networking (the technical kind) and use the tools of the trade and understand better cybersecurity from a practical perspective that doesn’t involve management heads who ask for stupid Excel spreadsheets – what has Microsoft Excel got to do with cybersecurity? Don’t ask!

Who knows, I may be retracing my future steps when I come across worn paths using newly improvised skills in my new survival regime, as I want to revamp and acquire certain skills for this Kingdom-focus vision. Once I clock that achievement, then I will feel confident to settle with a Godly wife.


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