I decided to read an inspiring book on mathematics. It’s a colourful book series based on the Singapore Method, which was partly inspired by my time teaching overseas.

Since my academic transition from high school to university I lost my confidence and ability to calculate maths. You see, I had previously failed my Higher Maths in high school, despite having a private maths tutor, as I knew I needed a strong maths grade for university.

By the time I crawled to university, we were studying maths at the Advanced Higher level. I sought personal tuition and help from academics, but I combusted inside and my confidence plummeted. It still scars my sparse noggin.

I believe the academic struggle at university was something God used for His glory, as I came to faith in the LORD Jesus Christ on Friday 4th February 2005. I was fortunate to have served in both neighbouring Christian Unions in the city where I studied. I also re-evaluated how I could better serve the LORD outside the industry that I selfishly sought to thrive.

Fast forward 13 years since graduating from my first degree and I am daring myself to face my fear and failure to improve my maths (and retackle programming). Above all, I’m choosing to learn from scratch… beginning at elementary level. Ultimately, if I’m going to take advantage of mental arithmetic using a new method, without depending on a calculator and following the same high standards in East Asia, I feel NO shame to start from the basics.

Gosh. Even reading through the first chapter of the book, I am jealous of schools who actually utilise the Singapore Method as the new English curriculum standard. Sorry Nicola, but I have never had any faith in the Scottish education system. Learning Scottish poems exclusively in Higher English and colouring maps during Standard Grade Geography does not instil confidence to achieve greatness in the big bad world.

As for me, the reason for wanting to learn maths using the Singapore Method is to eventually learn ethical accountancy as part of this Kingdom-focus vision. I will likely be suspicious in trusting others to manage the money of a self-made business, especially when they are not contractually employed at said company. So most likely, he / she will be more enthusiastic to count the profit they are making from the business as an external consultant.

Besides, with the rise of fraud cases of internal accountants within organisations, I want ethical accountability across the financial books. In addition, I believe it would be beneficial to know how the accountant is arriving at certain figures, especially when the enterprise is geared towards helping others.

In the meantime, I want to improve logical calculations and mental arithmetic to enhance my programming skillset, before exploring the world of algorithms.


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