I have only shared with two people of my earnest desire to settle outside my homeland. It’s incredibly intriguing to encounter this vaguely-familiar mountain, but with a renewed heart motive. Whether the LORD sees this as His will for me – I do not know. From what I can see and share, the path that I am treading is visible and available to walk on.

I also wish to constantly inspect and re-examine the heart motive on a daily basis, because I am still young in my age. Is it a selfish ambition – or am I doing this for the benefit of others, at least in the long-term?

I find it curious that since my transition to this low-key role, I have been entrusted with a new role involving cloud technologies in a commercial environment. The underlying motivation is that I am being prepped by senior heads to contribute and collaborate in the form of code. I just hope and pray that I can be better supported in this particular field of work compared with my previous gig.

I am excited at the prospect of gaining commercial experience in cloud technologies and software development, which coincidentally is what I have been savouring for the last couple of years – ever since my work in the care sector. In fact, it is my current ambition to apply for work for a very specific multinational company. For the most part, I hope to be in a position to at least apply. I honestly feel like David encountering Goliath, but I trust in the LORD to provide for me.

I am not the type to be chasing the latest and greatest of everyday life, nor do I follow the status quo or the bling of society. I still have a genuine passion and concern for the poor and underprivileged. Yes, I see my heart grow burdened across new theological territory, as I fear this journey would kill off personal ambitions to settle, but there is something incredible in the pursuit of helping others. I hope my silent service in unorthodox pastoral ministry reflects my passion for the greater cause.

I won’t say much more of this, as the hard work still lies with me. There is much to digest and unravel. I still want to produce projects of a high calibre and use this as part of my modern portfolio. More specifically, I am still eyeing new technologies to buy so I can create very specific prototypes for my portfolio. I know there are developer positions that appeal to me with short-term startups across the City, but I want to prepare for my long-term ambitions – because I can sow much seeds across the plains and reap a harvest.

I may be blessed to score a once-in-a-lifetime job interview with a favoured employer, but I need to be proficient to know my stuff – in spoken dialogue, whether I am pair programming with a peer, or whiteboarding algorithms, or communicating good programming practices through applied programming techniques.

Besides, I have other areas outside of coding that I want to explore including the user interface and user experience, virtual reality, user accessibility, mobile app development, videography and podcasting. I wish this journey wasn’t exclusively solo, but I don’t see anyone with shared interests to share in that creative development.

I am also very keen to revisit a 2006 concept of founding a sub enterprise. It’s also a Stage II component of this Kingdom-focus vision. Take it with a pinch of salt if you may, but I remain enthused of what the LORD has in store and I remain mindful of His leading.


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