Even though I dislike politics, I make it a personal duty to vote at the general elections, local elections, EU elections, and of course – the controversial referendums, which is often communicated as the ‘once in a generation’ vote. I know the drill.

I am not affiliated or registered with any political party – nor am I registered with a politically-motivated union at work. However, I will find myself read the juicy extracts of the daily drivel from ‘journalistic’ sources from both winged divisions. It also proves that you cannot please everyone, because everyone’s opinion is more important than your opinion!

Whoever wins the Britain’s Got Talent: Special Edition to govern the UK – guarantee, not everyone will be happy.

Should we go through another general election, or a second (or a best of three) referendum(s) – guarantee, not everyone will be happy.

If the opposition party wins the general election, or a hung parliament is the result of everyone’s divisional opinion, or whether we see another coalition government take stand – guarantee, not everyone will be happy.

Why do I know this? Because nobody is bloomin’ happy with anything in life!!

For the record, I have unintentionally put on hold the Kingdom-focus vision since the 2016 UK EU membership referendum. I know what I voted for and I still stand by my calculated decision. As a prospective entrepreneur, I have been calculating my options. Not only have I been looking outside my wall-mounted map of a base city to deploy project alpha and delta, but I have been considering my own future.

The past 12 months, I have been walking a risky path of soul-searching, which I find liberating to my Spirit. It is a stark contrast to the vocational years of being spiritually coerced to serving in ministries believing that I was doing good for God – when in fact, I am a goat serving amongst converted sheep.

It doesn’t help when you are spiritually exhausted, emotionally drained of the heretical drivel, and you no longer recognise the chewy texture of sourdough bread, but instead you are fed on skimmed milk from an IV drip. That’s when you know in your Spirit that you have to move on and let go.

Work (4/5)
There is a profound desire to seek a new base to invest my technical skills. I want to acquire new skills and work alongside smart people, whilst broadening my industrial knowledge and professional connections. I like the concept of befriending ‘smart’ people (define smart), but is the grass greener in the private sector? I don’t know, but I do know that I can fast-track my technical skills. I am also attracted to benefits including remote work and private health care.

Church (4/5)
I favour undisclosed locations that I believe are places of spiritual refuge where I can exercise my faith. As someone who grew up in a village, I have no idea why I am always attracted to the bigger city – especially when I don’t even go out. Of course, I prefer my monastic time to myself in personal study and contemplative reflection, but the bigger cities have literal millions of doors of new opportunity. I am also fond of the urban churches in the city. There is better diversity and relatable struggles. Outside the city, churches typically cater to the oldest and working families with children. I don’t fit that classical demographic of church life.

Family (3/5)
I would see a family as a by-product. A wife is needed before we can brew a mini-us. Should I secure a role as a software developer, there is a better ‘opporchancity’ in meeting a femme of similar interests. Annoyingly, I suspect the real opportunity lies in North America, where STEM and women equality are heavily promoted – compared to the rustic shores of the UK. I suspect, there is a healthy ratio of educated working professionals in an urban church than a quaint congregation out of town. I also believe there is a stronger emphasis of evangelism amongst urban churches due to the higher rents and salaries of paid staff. Either way, I still have trust issues that I don’t know how to fully process.

Location (4/5)
It is obvious in my heart that I desire to solidify one foot in terms of settling down – but I cannot play my hand when I am carrying an ace that God has given me. For starters, I do not know the suit of the ace card. As a result, I cannot discern when to play the card. Is it the ace of clubs (♣), ace of diamonds (♦), the ace of hearts (♥) or even the ace of spades (♠).

I don’t have a scooby!

What I do know is that I would consider settling down in the most East or the most South. I have a suspicion that the ace may be related to a genuine heart-tug to far-flung locations in the Far West or a metropolitan location in the Far East. Culturally, I would be most comfortable with the Far West, but my instinctive nature is more suited to the Far East.

My problem is that I don’t have a wishful dream, but rather, several ambitions that crossover. I actually dislike dreams, because they make no sense. I do however value a good vision. A vision is more logical to human interpretation. A vision can also be attainable and maintainable, but dreams can alter at every reflected interpretation. Of course, this is just my own approach to visions and dreams as a whole.

With regards to putting on hold the Kingdom-focus vision. In one sense, it is a form of smoke and mirrors because I have been busy acquiring commercial experience in new skills across three different fields of work – all of which are skills and experience related to this Kingdom-focus vision. I am content to see a running theme across each sector. Pressingly, my previous and current fields of work are two areas that I want to labour more of, because of the rapid changes in our culture and society.

At the end of the day, my primary focus is to gain practical knowledge and deeper understanding, but to be better equipped to stand confident if/when I choose to pitch before investors who will question my experience. In a world where you can’t depend on other people to get things done, sometimes you got to step up and do things yourself.


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