Last month in early July, I received a graduation present from my parents. A smartphone. My parents wanted to celebrate the completion of my 2-year part-time studies at Cornhill Scotland, hoping (and praying) it would signal an end to my formal academic studies. Mind you… a Masters of Divinity from the States does look appealing!… Read More

Okay, I am determined and giddy to do a back-to-back daily photo essay of Hong Kong. From the series, I will be choosing to reflect on some key highlights from a photographer’s perspective, and why I felt led to capture a particular frame on film. I am using Flickr to upload a select bundle, which… Read More

Last week at dinner prayers with my parents, I asked the LORD to help me to let go of my passion in ICT (Information and Communications Technology), and to instil this growing passion for His Church. The irony of my prayer is that God gave me the skills, gifts and passion in all things ICT… Read More

It has been a while since I’ve expressed myself through the visual arts. I’ve recently been inspired by folk’s artwork from the Internet – from pencil sketches of wild animals to chunky pastels showcasing expressions from the heart and mind of an artist. Sometimes the artwork can be very powering to the extent that I… Read More

The muscles around my face stretch with enthusiasm to create a big cheesy grin, when I hear the familiar words from my AOL Mail say “You’ve Got Mail” – and before you ask, I do like the movie You’ve Got Mail, the romantic chick-flick starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I love receiving mail. I… Read More