Time is incredibly precious, and yet, we live our daily lives like there’s no tomorrow. For most folk, every day is a willy-nilly experience. It’s weird how we desire to cruise home and commute speedily just to shave off several minutes from our journey, or we will pay extra for a nicer home to live… Read More

Never would I live to see the day where I find myself married to my work. At the original time of writing, I have 17 days left from my 26-day annual leave entitlement. The last time I took a full week of annual leave was back in May. And yes, we don’t have public or… Read More

I recently travelled to Edinburgh. I didn’t travel for business or pleasure. During my short leg walk around Scotland’s cobbled capital, I couldn’t help but sense a whiff of mysticism. I’m sure you sense something similar. Perhaps not. But I’m sure you will agree that certain locations or places captivate indescribable senses. Perhaps I just… Read More

This is not the suitable time for your laptop motherboard to start failing you. Lately, my MacBook Pro 17 inch (Early 2011) has been shutting down too frequently due to the failing dedicated graphics card from AMD. I am also officially outside my 5-year warranty period to claim (yet another) a free repair. I could… Read More

It is rather ironic to have applied for a role which strives to engage with the corporate world to promote a “work-balance” lifestyle. First and foremost, I personally believe a true work balance lifestyle can only be achieved if one was self-employed, as you govern your own working hours. Secondly, I am a single –… Read More