Welcome to the last in the 4-part series of my photo essay of Hong Kong. So far, I have chosen to reflect on some key highlights from a photographer’s perspective, and why I felt led to capture a particular frame on film. I am using Flickr to upload a select bundle, which you can find… Read More

I rarely play with my food, so I thought of taking a picture of a king prawn instead. One of the cool things about eating out in East Asia is that everything is fresh, perhaps a little too fresh for some people! There is a local market nearby, where you can literally choose your fish,… Read More

I’m not a green-fingered gardener, but there is something beautiful about well-maintained gardens and the nature of gardening. I’ve been following Monty Don presenting Gardeners’ World on the BBC iPlayer over the past couple of months, and I’m fascinated by the multitude of lush green plants and colourful flowers that are grown and presented throughout… Read More