I believe good things come to those who wait. I also believe patience is a virtue. Knowing that I’ve recently inked my kid-like signature on a new contract, I sense an inward pressure to honour God’s temple as I now have a new superficial price on my literal head – not just in the post… Read More

It’s a weird feeling to be growing up. I may not be shouldering heavyweight responsibilities as others are, but I signed up for some grown-up benefits including a generous pension and then some. I seriously got to be careful in who I marry now for various reasons. She may be looking at the bulge of… Read More

The following reflection is a personal account based on a climatic Thursday in late October, which I was blessed to be allowed to take time off through legal channels. I had to turn down the original date, which I couldn’t attend due to our shortage of staff and I didn’t want to lie to my… Read More

October’s payday has come and gone and I have reached £9k – and then some. I am confident I can acquire a 5-figure sum before the end of the year, which will be a personal milestone since being debt-free of student loans 10 years ago. I have yet to set aside this month’s savings, as… Read More

I have never found so much joy to discover a worthy podcasting app for Android users – Pocket Casts. Even better, I can subscribe to the same podcasts that are typically hosted on iTunes. More importantly, Pocket Casts compels me to actually listen to the wide offering of podcasts on the go, as a phone… Read More