In an outer body experience, I could see myself be tempted to compromise my faith in the LORD in order to woo a “godly” wife. Why “godly” and not “Godly”? Because in layman’s terms, the millennial wife-to-be is likely a worldly snowflake who aligns her beliefs with celebrity-endorsed movements driven by the mainstream media. I… Read More

I decided to read an inspiring book on mathematics. It’s a colourful book series based on the Singapore Method, which was partly inspired by my time teaching overseas. Since my academic transition from high school to university I lost my confidence and ability to calculate maths. You see, I had previously failed my Higher Maths… Read More

I grew up reading the Our Daily Bread series. I later discovered My Utmost for His Highest and Our Daily Journey, which is maintained by RBC Ministries (Radio Bible Class) – later rebranded as Our Daily Bread Ministries. Unfortunately, my favourite devotional that offers the deeper reflections – that is Our Daily Journey was axed… Read More

My study desk has been revamped to a tidier layout than ever before! Curiously, it was not my intention to tidy my desk. I recently purchased a simple VonHaus 30 Drawer Storage Organiser (White Edition) to house my electronic components so I can motivate myself to pull the tiny plastic drawers and tinker with electronic… Read More

Alongside my continuous pruning of social media et al., I have been shaving away further distractions. It’s nothing related to the end of year mentality, as the world reflects upon the past, whilst gathering pace for the rarely-delivered New Year’s Resolution. For me, it’s balancing time between my relationship with Christ and technology (the latter… Read More