I am ready to share my story. It’s a story that I never told in full, as it still conjures up much emotion. 10 years ago in early August of 2009, I experienced an odd tummy bug. I was concerned that Pepto Bismo didn’t work. In the past, it was very effective, but this time… Read More

Even though I dislike politics, I make it a personal duty to vote at the general elections, local elections, EU elections, and of course – the controversial referendums, which is often communicated as the ‘once in a generation’ vote. I know the drill. I am not affiliated or registered with any political party – nor… Read More

So much pruning and TLC (tender loving care) are needed to ensure healthy shoots and fruitful leaves. The whole ecosystem of a bonsai tree is fragile and delicate. We once had a bonsai, but it didn’t last – due to poor maintenance. My study desk and bedroom reflects my life in a nutshell. What worldly… Read More

I have only shared with two people of my earnest desire to settle outside my homeland. It’s incredibly intriguing to encounter this vaguely-familiar mountain, but with a renewed heart motive. Whether the LORD sees this as His will for me – I do not know. From what I can see and share, the path that… Read More

In an outer body experience, I could see myself be tempted to compromise my faith in the LORD in order to woo a “godly” wife. Why “godly” and not “Godly”? Because in layman’s terms, the millennial wife-to-be is likely a worldly snowflake who aligns her beliefs with celebrity-endorsed movements driven by the mainstream media. I… Read More