Alongside my continuous pruning of social media et al., I have been shaving away further distractions. It’s nothing related to the end of year mentality, as the world reflects upon the past, whilst gathering pace for the rarely-delivered New Year’s Resolution. For me, it’s balancing time between my relationship with Christ and technology (the latter… Read More

That’s one less social media platform to worry about. Actually, make that two. Fb and G+. *Edit: I have since deleted 5 further accounts of various content. I decided to permanently delete my accounts for personal reasons. From the staggered amount of ‘friends’, there are only 3 peeps whom I strive to keep in touch.… Read More

Thanks to my charitable colleagues where I previously worked two jobs ago, I still had store credit on my Amazon account. To celebrate my first payday, I decided to invest in my long overdue audio kit. All items have been sitting inside my Amazon basket for the past year and I have researched all the… Read More

I recently started a low-key role. It is a job I have been wanting to secure for several years. It’s also a ‘permanent’ position. In late August, I received a phone call from a vaguely familiar organisation. It was regarding an unexpected invite for a chat. Admittedly, I couldn’t remember what I had applied for,… Read More

I am beginning to realise that programming is easier to grasp than Scripture, especially when reading the upper-class eloquence of the ESV. Often, I resort to reading the NLT for my daily bread. Nonetheless, I am encouraged to learn that both Crossway and Tyndale Publishing have API sets that I can register and access both… Read More