I’m fairly tech savvy, but today, I admit defeat. My MacBook Pro 17″ (Early 2011) is officially a dead slab of metal. Time of death, 10:35pm Saturday 23rd September 2017. It’s a good thing I backed up my data in the early morning with a view to install a final operating system update. Not this… Read More

This past week, I experienced a [subtle] burnout and I’m still alive! Hooray! I knew I was burning out with my job, but I only thought I was making up figures when I said I was 95% burning out. Last week, I took a week off from work. It was mostly to chillax the physical… Read More

Last month, I have decided to shift around my finances like a magician hiding a red ball between one of three cups. Ah… the classic tricks are the best. Sometimes I feel life is a bit like an Abra-ca-da-bra, except we neither know the underlying outcome or reason behind such conventional routine. Anyhow… I have… Read More

Time is incredibly precious, and yet, we live our daily lives like there’s no tomorrow. For most folk, every day is a willy-nilly experience. It’s weird how we desire to cruise home and commute speedily just to shave off several minutes from our journey, or we will pay extra for a nicer home to live… Read More

Never would I live to see the day where I find myself married to my work. At the original time of writing, I have 17 days left from my 26-day annual leave entitlement. The last time I took a full week of annual leave was back in May. And yes, we don’t have public or… Read More