I keep forgetting that my body is fragile since my operation to remove a perforated appendix. I feel like a rare underglaze copper-red Ming Dynasty vase displayed for exhibition purposes. I forget that the discomfort that I feel across my abdomen is not the twitching of muscles that have naturally knitted together, but the fact… Read More

In response to Matt Redman’s post on Facebook requesting bloggers to share a voice online, I wish to share a reflection on the evangelical passion of the A21 Campaign – a campaign founded by Christine and Nick Caine, which strives to abolish injustice in the 21st Century. British CCM artists Matt and Beth Redman unite… Read More

I love letters! There’s something deeply personal and transpiring about good ol’ fashioned letters. I’m always fascinated by the typography, or should I say the calligraphy of people’s handwriting. In return, I attempt to write the best to my ability, which often turns out to be a kids handwriting – but it’s something I enjoy… Read More

I have been challenged recently by a personal reflection that I originally shared on Twitter, a place where I secretly think is a place where folk are unlikely to read my comments, allowing me space to ponder and voice thoughts from the mind and heart. And since I don’t have a worldly reputation to maintain,… Read More

It’s amazing how distracted we can be in life. For me, it all began when I stumbled upon a YouTube viral video of the T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding via Facebook. A friend on Facebook wanted to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years since her coronation. A few moments later and I… Read More