I’m keen to pursue the Cornhill Training Course in Glasgow this September as a part-time student, as opposed to a full-time student. For one, it would relieve me of the one-year schedule, which I imagine will be quite a shock, especially when I haven’t worked intensely on an academic course for a wee while (at… Read More

It has been an interesting start to the year, and it’s only past our second week. Well, I officially handed in my notice to return back to part-time, as I know I’m not likely to be given a full-time contract. The Company would rather have me work on a summer pay rota, and quite simply… Read More

I personally believe that 2012 is the year of renewed hope — and NOT the end of world as it is hyped by some. Actually, 2012 is the year of the Dragon, if you wish to follow the ways of the Chinese Calendar. Nonetheless, it’s a breath of fresh air to be starting a new… Read More

It’s a wonderful feeling to literally clean out the past of your life (be it physical, spiritual and mental). Not only does your head and heart feel less cluttered, but it allows your eyes to focus more clearly on the path in front as instructed by the LORD, so you can move forward in life.… Read More

Looking back to the past 12 months of 2011 has been interesting to say the least. There was much drama, tears, happiness, sadness, celebration and even confusion added to the mix. I hope to reflect on some of the world events in the run up to 2012, but today I want to reflect back to… Read More