It has been a while since I’ve expressed myself through the visual arts. I’ve recently been inspired by folk’s artwork from the Internet – from pencil sketches of wild animals to chunky pastels showcasing expressions from the heart and mind of an artist. Sometimes the artwork can be very powering to the extent that I… Read More

I find spider webs fascinating. I am always amazed when I see a beautifully spun web frothed with white frost. I also like to be a tease to Charlotte’s web and disrupt the still pattern, as I know she will fix it to perfection to make the web even stronger. Not only do I find… Read More

The muscles around my face stretch with enthusiasm to create a big cheesy grin, when I hear the familiar words from my AOL Mail say “You’ve Got Mail” – and before you ask, I do like the movie You’ve Got Mail, the romantic chick-flick starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I love receiving mail. I… Read More

What do you desire most in life? Do you desire Apple’s iPad 2? Perhaps you are waiting for the new iPad 3 to be released next Spring in Early 2012, but while you wait you want to indulge in Amazon’s Kindle Fire, because it oozes with fanciful features at a fraction of the price. Maybe,… Read More

I have been experimenting lately. I have taken the unusual step of advertising this very blog through Facebook, and revamped the code of the website to be more effective across the popular search engines. If you are a visitor from one of the Facebook ads, I wholeheartedly welcome you. Essentially, I’m trying to sow some… Read More