I have this obsession, where I must have good natural sunlight before taking a photo, where I can feel satisfied. So much so, that most of my outdoor photography is when there is a clear blue sky. You could say it is a sunny obsession that I have, but being in Scotland, seeing the sun… Read More

It was good timing for me to travel around Glasgow yesterday. Not only did it do me good to get away from work and enjoy my time of rest – with dry weather and clear blue skies, but it’s been a while since I sat down and reflected on life. Before setting off, I decided… Read More

It is that time of the year, where you simply want to snuggle in bed and remain in bed, especially first thing in the early morning. Not only does the weather dip in temperature from our rather short stint of summer, but the sun hides behind the clouds and darkness and doesn’t pop its face… Read More

Life is incredible! The journey certainly continues, especially more so now that I have graduated from seminary school. It was a humbling experience to have graduated, knowing that I spent four years studying theology and pastoral studies – and to find it fulfilling and challenging in many areas. Academically, I am qualified to be a… Read More

Have you ever seen a praying insect? Well, according to this accidental photographic evidence – you have now! Actually, I think this wee guy was doing Tai Chi, as it was stretching its wee legs and branching out its wings simply to annoy me in complete amazement. What next for the insect? Will it fly… Read More