Life is incredible! The journey certainly continues, especially more so now that I have graduated from seminary school. It was a humbling experience to have graduated, knowing that I spent four years studying theology and pastoral studies – and to find it fulfilling and challenging in many areas. Academically, I am qualified to be a… Read More

Have you ever seen a praying insect? Well, according to this accidental photographic evidence – you have now! Actually, I think this wee guy was doing Tai Chi, as it was stretching its wee legs and branching out its wings simply to annoy me in complete amazement. What next for the insect? Will it fly… Read More

You’ve perhaps come across an English saying – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait. It is a phrase that captures the very essence of patience as a virtue, but how long does one need to wait, before they can feel satisfied or be fulfilled with peace? I consider myself to be a patient person.… Read More

Lately, I have found myself spending more time in prayer and reflection, because there is nothing going for me in life, in terms of my future is uncertain. I say this, as I will soon graduate from seminary in May and graduate in early July this year. It has been a struggle to see the… Read More

I always grin at Valentine’s Day because of the marketing hype, especially when folk indulge in one special day out of the whole year with that extra “love and care” towards their loved one, whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, partner, etc. Is Valentine’s a superficial day to splash on cash, thanks to clever… Read More