As a photographer, I enjoy peering my eyeball behind the viewfinder of my camera as a way to observe the world from a rectangular perspective, but with endless possibilities. I enjoy capturing close-ups of nature and find it so captivating to photograph the delicacy of the small details of creation. I find it amusing in… Read More

There goes a saying, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. So what does the picture above suggest? Is it the fanciful shapes of the clouds that form new shapes, or can you see the skies retelling a story to those who gaze? I’m fond of the shape of the far-right cloud, which has a… Read More

I finally got my hands on the richly-packed mammoth green book from Chronicle Books via Amazon, “To Infinity and Beyond! – The Story of Pixar Animation Studios”. It adds to my collection of Pixar’s “The Art of…” series. Two of my heroes of inspiration are featured here. John Lasseter and Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs, who… Read More

I decided to do the unthinkable and that was to clean my cupboard, not only was it piled high like a dog’s dinner, but I had lost one of my 8GB Lexar Professional UDMA 300x CF cards. I’m not the kind to lose things, but on this occasion, I literally lost it! Thankfully, I found… Read More

2011 dawns us to start fresh a brand-spanking New Year with of course, new ambitions and projects. I for one have decided to tackle my all-time project, which I believe to be ambitious yet challenging, and that is to snap and upload a new photograph to my Flickr account, to inspire others and to use… Read More