I’m using various tools to assist me in my quest to learn software development. I have Trello setup to host various projects and development boards under my productive alias. I like how I can create multiple boards (projects) and associate them to a particular team, which in my case is my productive alias to myself.… Read More

My personal studies are coming along. I had a short hiatus after taking a week out to learn ‘Salesforce’ for a potential job opportunity, which didn’t land me a new job. No biggie. Instead, I gained a better understanding of another popular software with hands-on practical experience. I even obtained the ‘Adventurer’ status on the… Read More

It wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear – not now, not several of hours immediately after settling back home from the very meeting I had made the effort to prepare and attend. It was a polite, yet contradictory rejection response that silenced my heart. At least it was received before the expected Monday. It… Read More

It is Friday 15th June 2018 and I don’t need to travel into work today. Yesterday marked my last day of work and I have utmost peace in the LORD, even though nothing formally has been lined up to replace the job that I left behind. It is not even my primary concern or immediate… Read More

I updated the whole of my CV last weekend. I somehow managed to cram more XP points and still retain a 1-page overview. I am sure composing your CV with Adobe InDesign makes all the difference, as one can finely adjust the white spacing between the headers and paragraphs. However, as a perfectionist – it… Read More