I didn’t want to splurge on a 4TB SSD hard disk drive, but I need to secure my data. I have tried to procrastinate my hefty purchase for over 2 years, but my digital data is increasingly important to me. Much of my recent space hog is related to video tutorials, asset files, source codes,… Read More

As much as I yearn to share my continuing personal development, I am in the process of revamping my digital portfolio. I also want to develop a new dedicated website as part of my new learning in the realm of software development. I have much techy jargon (and discovery) to share, which I don’t want… Read More

My brain is exploding with exhaustion. I should really return to cardio exercise and jog around the block at the crack of dawn. It’s just that my own crack is too nested on my layered mattress each morning to even bother with cardio. And this is despite the fact that I wake up at 5am… Read More

I’m using various tools to assist me in my quest to learn software development. I have Trello setup to host various projects and development boards under my productive alias. I like how I can create multiple boards (projects) and associate them to a particular team, which in my case is my productive alias to myself.… Read More

My personal studies are coming along. I had a short hiatus after taking a week out to learn ‘Salesforce’ for a potential job opportunity, which didn’t land me a new job. No biggie. Instead, I gained a better understanding of another popular software with hands-on practical experience. I even obtained the ‘Adventurer’ status on the… Read More