Lately, I have found myself spending more time in prayer and reflection, because there is nothing going for me in life, in terms of my future is uncertain. I say this, as I will soon graduate from seminary in May and graduate in early July this year. It has been a struggle to see the… Read More

I always grin at Valentine’s Day because of the marketing hype, especially when folk indulge in one special day out of the whole year with that extra “love and care” towards their loved one, whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, partner, etc. Is Valentine’s a superficial day to splash on cash, thanks to clever… Read More

I finally found the time to watch P.S. I Love You, which I recorded on Sky+HD last week. The comedy romantic film features Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. I admit, I found the film dry and the story seemed to drag around the life and journey of the character Holly, but I started to ponder… Read More

As a photographer, I enjoy peering my eyeball behind the viewfinder of my camera as a way to observe the world from a rectangular perspective, but with endless possibilities. I enjoy capturing close-ups of nature and find it so captivating to photograph the delicacy of the small details of creation. I find it amusing in… Read More

There goes a saying, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. So what does the picture above suggest? Is it the fanciful shapes of the clouds that form new shapes, or can you see the skies retelling a story to those who gaze? I’m fond of the shape of the far-right cloud, which has a… Read More