It’s bloomin’ challenging when one chooses to be faithful in the LORD and stick out like a sore thumb. Yet, I don’t find it a shameful pursuit. However, it is increasingly concerning when I bite the gums of my mouth, as I keep my tongue behind my teeth. Despite this inward damage control, I have… Read More

Today’s much delayed blog post combines two reflections over the course of 2 months. By the time this reflection sees light, I will have convinced myself to dig my heels in the ground of sanity, despite both my brain and flesh longing to escape for the long-term benefit of my health. Admittedly, I have lately… Read More

I was bemused when a fourth parent offered me their daughter who is on the market as it were. I get that parents want the best for their kids. A parent will always defend and promote said child, unless he or she is guilty of a grave and serious crime, then he or she is… Read More

It’s a weird feeling to be working for the Empire. Let’s just say it’s not exactly the Rebel Alliance. The perks include a laid back attitude. You can breathe in-between tasks, but the literal air is toxic. The exponential perk is that I will not see the light of day on a generous pension and… Read More

Something isn’t right. The subtle patterns that weave in and around to form a tapestry crafted by an unskilled merchant is worrying. What comes to mind when you see posters advertise mental illness? Is the message promoting a healthy life and positive wellbeing? Is it really promoting, or is it a smoke screen to safeguard… Read More