My brain is exploding with exhaustion. I should really return to cardio exercise and jog around the block at the crack of dawn. It’s just that my own crack is too nested on my layered mattress each morning to even bother with cardio. And this is despite the fact that I wake up at 5am… Read More

I’m using various tools to assist me in my quest to learn software development. I have Trello setup to host various projects and development boards under my productive alias. I like how I can create multiple boards (projects) and associate them to a particular team, which in my case is my productive alias to myself.… Read More

My personal studies are coming along. I had a short hiatus after taking a week out to learn ‘Salesforce’ for a potential job opportunity, which didn’t land me a new job. No biggie. Instead, I gained a better understanding of another popular software with hands-on practical experience. I even obtained the ‘Adventurer’ status on the… Read More

It wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear – not now, not several of hours immediately after settling back home from the very meeting I had made the effort to prepare and attend. It was a polite, yet contradictory rejection response that silenced my heart. At least it was received before the expected Monday. It… Read More

It is Friday 15th June 2018 and I don’t need to travel into work today. Yesterday marked my last day of work and I have utmost peace in the LORD, even though nothing formally has been lined up to replace the job that I left behind. It is not even my primary concern or immediate… Read More