Stay tuned as I hope to pick up my artistic flair through pen and watercolour and attempt my first SketchCrawl. I already have my trusty sketchpad and pencils, keen to invest in some mechanical pens and pencils, but I imagine I have all the instruments I need to get started – now to find source of inspiration, scenes and people to sketch.

I am pursuing this out of my admiration for Enrico Casarosa’s SketchCrawl experiment that has resulted in published artwork, almost like sketch journals in art form through never ending drawings – like a marathon. Plus Enrico is a story artist and works at Pixar Animation Studios in San Francisco, a company whose work I’m very fond of – and as a result, I quite fancy picking up art once again! But like everything else, we need a bit of inspiration to get us started. In the meantime, feel free to browse and visit Enrico’s works of art at